This is an ode to all you cricket fans out there – we are a crazy fanatic bunch with strange idiosyncrasies … read more to find out …

Cricket fans all over the world have their own idiosyncrasies and more often than not it is shaped by the brand of cricket that is played by their teams. Australian cricket fans are almost always confident about their side’s chances whenever they play, while English fans are far more subdued and are suspicious of the longevity of whatever sporadic dominance that they might display. However, as far as Indian cricket fans are concerned, there are certain things that only they can relate to. Let’s have a look at the top 10.

 We NEVER Get Tickets to Any Major Game

In most cricket playing countries cricket fans are allocated the lion’s share of the tickets and only a minor percentage of the tickets are given away as gifts, however it is the reverse in India as far as major games are concerned. Indian fans are primarily responsible for the frequency with which ticketing websites crash as soon as tickets are released; primarily due to the meagre number of tickets that are available for sale. For instance, 3000 tickets went on sale for the general public for the 2011 World Cup final at the Wankhede stadium.

Vindoo Dara Singh w Sakshi Dhoni 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

We Think We Have a Divine Right to Win the World Cup

When the Indian team won the World Cup in 1983 no one really expected Kapil Dev’s s ragtag team of bit part cricketers to do what they did, however since they achieved the unthinkable Indian fans have this unreasonable expectation that the team should win every World Cup in which they participate. The quality of the team or the superiority of the opposition is never taken into consideration. However, after India won the World Cup after 28 years in 2011, the expectations have now reached fever pitch ahead of the 2015 tournament.

CRICKET WORLD CUP 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

 We Do Not Really Care About Matches that Do Not Involve India

It is often said that cricket is a religion in India and people are mad about the game, but there is only one thing that needs to be specified here, which is the fact that we are only mad about the games in which India participates. For instance, in games that did not involve India during the World Cup in 2011 the stands were largely empty in many centres and that is something that is going to continues in the years to come.

fans cricket india 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

We Look Back Wistfully at the 90s

For those of us who were old enough to have watched Indian cricket in the 90s, it is a well known fact that Indian cricket did not do much to make us proud except when the team was playing at home. However, the only reason why fans still look back at the 90s with fondness is because of the near superhuman batting efforts of one Sachin Tendulkar as he single handedly took India home in so many games. The thumping victories at home against top class opposition on rank turners were also a thing of pride.

Sachin tendulkar cricket 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

We Dismiss Games as ‘Fixed’ if India Ends up Losing

The spate of match fixing controversies in Indian cricket since the year 2000 has meant that the Indian cricket fan is no longer an innocent follower of the game, however as opposed to other countries we are far more vocal when it comes to defending the performances of our own team. If India ever suffers a heavy defeat or loses out in the dying moment of a game then 9 out of 10 times we dismiss the game as ‘fixed’ and carry on as if nothing ever happened.

sreesanth ipl match fixing 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

Many of Us Do Not Support Our Local IPL Teams

The IPL is supposed to be a tournament in which an individual is supposed to supports a team that is based in his own city or based in a city that is nearest to his own, however most of us do not actually play by those rules. For instance, the Chennai Super Kings is the most popular team in India since it is captained by the Indian captain M S Dhoni, while the Mumbai Indians used to be quite popular till Tendulkar was a part of their squad. This is something that you will hardly find in the cricket leagues anywhere else in the world.

katrina cheering bangalore 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To


We Can Come Up With Some Really Cringe worthy Placards

Indian cricket fans often come up with placards with excellent messages while sometimes we can come up with placards that convey cringe worthy and downright embarrassing messages, on which the cameras focus quite gleefully. Commentators sometimes have a bit of a laugh about the whole thing but for us it is more like an extension of Bollywood films- they are cringe worthy but we do not mind it one bit.

placards cricket field 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

We Always Think That the Game Can Be Won

Over the years the Indian team has pulled off some amazing victories starting from that incredible victory over Australia at the Eden Gardens after following on to those heart stopping run chases anchored by Virat Kohli in the recent past, that has given us the belief that we can win any game irrespective of the situation. However, such an attitude has also led to plenty of disappointments.

Virat kohli run out 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

On the Other Hand We Are Very Easily Convinced that We Would Lose

How many times have you heard say, ‘that’s it, we are going to lose’, after the loss of a few wickets? The answer is almost every time India plays a game and it gets off to a poor start we believe that the team is doomed. This is something that is unique to Indian fans who often believe that India can win any game while on the other hand giving up hope as soon as the going gets tough. The contradiction is quite funny.

sad cricket indian fans 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To


 We Are the Most Emotional Fans in the World

You only need to have a look at the hysteria surrounding Sachin Tendulkar’s last 2 Tests back in November 2013 in order to understand the range of emotions an Indian fan can go through and in addition to that we can also be stupidly irrational after the team loses a game. For instance, the players’ homes are often pelted with stones after India loses an important game and the latest example of that was the incident relating to the stoning of Yuvraj Singh’s house in Chandigarh after India’s World T20 final loss to Sri Lanka this year.

Match fix cricket indian team 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To

 We are done with celebrity drama…

Team owners are having open spats, hurling abuses at each other and even at security. Seriously leave the drama behind, stop faking love for cricket and know this –  You bought the team but you don’t own the game

khalli head lock shahrukh khan 10 Things Only Indian Cricket Fans Will Relate To


By: Soham Samaddar



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