Why do we love to hate some celebrities?  Find out why these famous people made it to the  list. You will find yourself nodding in agreement…

We Indians have a talent for hero worship – we laud up to the skies and make demi gods out of those that we perceive as talented, successful and unique. But beware! Those same famous people, should they put a step wrong – be it a cricketer who was perceived as not doing his best in an important game, or a celebrity who made a comment in poor taste – we Indians have as remarkable a talent to hate those in the limelight. We hate those, whom we think do not deserve their success, whom we think have views divergent from our own….. Even those whose faces we don’t like! Here are some popular scapegoats; Indians we love to hate:

1.     Kamaal R Khan

Kamaal Rashid Khan 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

He is famous notorious for no reason. It is a mystery why  he is so famous, why so much is written about him and why we see his unremarkable mug all over the place. Mostly he is famous for making controversial and derogatory comments – most recently offering to pay Sunny Leone to perform a strip show and getting into a Twitter war with Kapil Sharma. We Indians quite simply feel his fame and prosperity are richly undeserved. Besides, he isn’t even good looking!

twitter war kamaal r khan kapil sharma 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

2.     Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

This is the guy who has been responsible for lemons such as Heyy Babyy (excruciating and un-funny), Housefull (crass and excruciating), Housefull 2 (even crasser and more extruciating- foisting this on us once was apparently not enough), Himmatwala (WHY? Why would anyone remake a film like this), Humshakals (crassest and most excruciating by all accounts). A friend sent me this picture to illustrate their views on the film:

sardard 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

3.     Chetan Bhagat

 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

This guy is the envy of every blogger and wannabe author in India. His books have no particular literary merit, but they enjoy phenomenal success. Three of his books have been made into films. The question that bewilders a lot of Indians is this Why is he so successful? Why not me??

4. Shobhaa De

Shobhaa De Writer 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

Again, books of no literary merit (and even less pretension to erudition than Mr. Bhagat, alas) and newspaper columns of no remarkable originality of thought either. Plus Indian women hate how good she looks at 66! Some of us started to dislike her as soon as she added the extra ‘A’ to her name.

5. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhat 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

Poor girl! She’s pretty, she proved herself to be a very good and versatile actor. But she slipped up! She said something staggeringly stupid on Karan Johar’s show and overnight became the butt of a million Indian equivalents of the dumb blonde joke.  

6.     Freida Pinto

freida pinto 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

She defected. Plain and simple! She was in one film that we Indians know of and then a tacky music video of some sort. That’s her claim to fame – that and numberless red carpet appearances. What is she working on right now? Well, we don’t know.

7.     Mallika Sherawat

mallika sherawat 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

No one defines the term wannabe as much as Reema Lamba Mallika Sherawat. Besides, she defected too!

8. Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

Remember him? Star son, almost successful actor, peddler of paan masalas? No? Well do you remember the drug bust he was involved in? Drawing a blank again? Never mind.

9. Abhishek Bachchan

abhishek bachchan 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

This poor guy may have been talented – no one cared to find out. Problem is he is the son of India’s biggest ever superstar. Problem is he is married to the most beautiful woman in the world. What’s not to hate!

10. Indian Cricket Players

indian cricket team 10 Indians We Love to Hate – Part 1

I couldn’t pick out one name – the most hated cricket player could be anyone. The Indian cricket team may consist of the most loved people in our country. But woe betide the Indian cricketer who performs below par. That player will be reviled by the press; their homes will get stoned, their name will be as mud if they are thought to have played badly, especially in an important match!

If we Indians love and put people on a pedestal, we are equally quick to remove them from that pedestal when we perceive them to be unworthy of those lofty heights.

By – Reena Daruwalla

Image Source: 
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