We love how he looks at her, but hate that will-they-wont-they-kiss tension. Find out what else we Love & Hate about Rangrasiya

The serial on Colors TV, Rangrasiya has been on air only since December of 2013, but it has been something of a chart topper in terms of ratings, viewership, popularity and online buzz. The story is that of Paro a village girl and Rudra, an officer of the BSD. It is an intense love story where the innocent young girl will do anything to win the love of the man whom circumstances have forced her to marry. Her accidental husband however, is someone who is struggling with his own past demons and who doesn’t believe in love.

The show also has its shares of subplots, female villains and the woman who wants to snare the hero for herself.  With a bunch of Facebook Fan pages and other groups devoted to the serial, it is quite the show that grabs eyeballs and TRPs as well:

1.     Love the PaRud Chemistry

rudra and paro 10 Things We Love & Hate about RangrasiyaYes, the chemistry is sizzling good and yes Parvati (or Paro as she is endearingly called) and Rudra have their own conjoined diminutive as do all the hottest on-screen or off-screen couples – PaRud!

2.     Love THAT Expression of Rudra’s

rudra  10 Things We Love & Hate about RangrasiyaRudra has a range of intense expressions that he reserves for Paro – that yearning, besotted expression when he looks into her eyes! Purely the stuff of romance novels! Every woman wants to be looked at that way! And you just have to glance at the comments below a picture of our handsome hunk or below one of the full episodes of Rangrasiya on YouTube; check those swooning comments from multitudes of besotted female fans to see how many women wish to be looked at that way!

3.     Love AND Hate that Expression of Paro’sParo Rangrasiya 10 Things We Love & Hate about Rangrasiya

Sanaya Irani’s (Paro’s characteristic wounded expression probably inspires our hero to be all gallant and protective of her. We like that expression – makes us come over all sympathetic and all, but do get a few more will you? How about happiness for a change dear girl?

4.     Hate that Conniving So and So

mohini 10 Things We Love & Hate about RangrasiyaOK no surprises for guessing – we really hate that Mohini person – but then we’re meant to. She seems never to run out evil, scheming ideas and Ananya Khare does a pretty good job of making us hate her.

5.     Love him in uniform & in traditional outfits

Rudra in Rangrasiya 10 Things We Love & Hate about Rangrasiya

Our man Ashish Sharma really fills out that uniform doesn’t he? Those biceps are just right – not over the top at all.

rudra2 10 Things We Love & Hate about RangrasiyaAnd Oh My! Doesn’t he just rock that safa and that traditional jacket!

6.     Love his look; hate the fact that he is a Dhakkan

udit shukla as sumer 10 Things We Love & Hate about RangrasiyaWe do wonder what the writers have in store for this mama’s boy – Udit Shukla as Sumer, who is a bit of a dhakkan in the show. But there’s no denying that this is one good-looking guy and looks seriously cool in his quasi-traditional get up with the earring to boot!

7.     Hate the Fact that Most of the Guys Seem to be Idiots

prashant chawla rang rasiya 10 Things We Love & Hate about RangrasiyaAgain, this seems de rigueur for most serials – the guys are chumps who are so easily led and misled that we just want to slap them a bit and tell them are you blind that you cannot see what’s going on!

8.     Love this Episode

So way from the village and the conniving so and sos, there is some ‘we’ time finally for the couple – they dance, hug, share a room, get drunk, nice!

9.     Hate that Will-They-Won’t-They Tension

Pa Rud 10 Things We Love & Hate about RangrasiyaOr love it; depends upon your point of view. I know those guys who write serials like to keep us hooked by keeping us on tenterhooks – they sooooo nearly kissed but then they didn’t! OK, now please just get them to kiss and let’s get on with it!

10.WTF! What’s BSD??BSD 10 Things We Love & Hate about Rangrasiya

So our man Rudra is supposed to be a part of some mythical organisation called the BSD. They are supposed to be like our BSF, and have a really nice uniform and all, but apparently they hire and fire guys at will, have jamborees in nice hotels and generally seem to do precious little work!

The lilting title track and songs of Rangrasiya seem enjoyable and palatable

By – Reena Daruwalla

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