From BJP to AAP. From Srini to Manohar. From IIFT to Censor Board, 2016 can boast in front of its past tense years of being the most happening year.

From BJP to AAP. From Srini to Manohar. From IIFT to Censor Board, 2016 can boast in front of its past tense years of being the most happening year.

Here is the best of 2015 for you:

  1. AAP’s battle with Centre:

AAP is a party which has transformed from a party with a change to a part which has changed. What started as a revolution in start of 2015 has turned into a battleground of two rival parties by end of year.

By decimating BJP in Delhi elections, they played the David vs Goliath in front of us.

Unfortunately as the year progressed, Kejriwal’s battles with center intensified. Today, both political outfits (BJP and AAP) are at loggerheads. While BJP has stuck to the holy book of constitution in undermining kejriwal’s authority, Kejriwal(the rebel he is ) has fought them via media.

From DDCA mess to control over Delhi police, the two outfits fought an intense battle in social media and main stream media.

The battle between Kejriwal and Modi definitely is at top of my list.

AAP1 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015


  1. Cow is the new national animal:

Yes. This is official. Cow now is the national animal (unofficially). You can kill a Tiger but dare you raise a finger against the holiest of animals in this country. You will end up behind bars on charges you can only dream of.

The government has banned beef, made worshiping cow as almost mandatory and has unintentionally got an innocent killed. All this is result of cow politics.

This is a year when cow can finally proclaim to get the respect it deserved.

Time to mean when you say “Holy Cow”.

cow vote bank 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015

  1. Obama as chief guest on 26th January:

You have to appreciate the smartness of Modi. He pulled off a coup by getting the most influential personality in the world to grace our republic day in 2015. I don’t know about others but this held a lot of importance for me and rest of this country in 2016.

narendra modi obama hug 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015


  1. Air India’s entertainment:

Air India spent another eventful year keeping us entertained. The more I read about them, the more relaxed I get.

Like all Government controlled bodies, they are still in losses. They don’t give a rat’s ass about consumers and they waste our tax payer’s money without any guilt.

I love them as they give me assurance, our country is still running in “normal mode”.

  1. The return of Rahul Baba:

When he disappeared post Lok sabha defeat, we all thought he is gone for good. Obviously, I was worried on who will fill our lampoon section :). Then he returned like the Batman to save Gotham (read : congress party) city.

Since his return, Rahul Gandhi has tried to take right steps, which is a huge progress over all wrong steps he took before during lok sabha elections.

If rumours are to be believed, he will soon helm the congress party. The oldies of party are already worried about their future. My suggestion to them is “Chill! You have looted country for such a long time. It’s time for you to make way for younger generation”.

rahul gandhi bangkok vacation 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015

  1. BCCI tries to get rid of “corruption” (courtesy: Supreme Court)

Can you believe this? Srinivasan is no more a part of BCCI or ICC. Wasn’t he supposed to be the head of BCCI till eternity?

I am glad, all good (or bad) things do not last forever.

The Chennai strongman was recently shown the door for good. His tenure will always be remembered for letting cricket in India see the worst.

From corruption to match fixing, he handled everything so casually. It was like BCCI was his fiefdom. Finally, it took Supreme court to set him straight and make way for Shashank Manohar.

I hope BCCI can change for good else they will only have their board members to watch India’s matches.

Srinivasan President BCCI 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015

BCCI president N Srinivasan giving the TS Narayanswamy Lecture in Chennai on July 26, 2013. (Photo: IANS)


  1. Cinema outside Cinema:

Our incumbent government wants us all to be Sanskari. No harm in this, considering the “gandgi” which is promoted through cinema these days. To cleanse the dirty pictures of our country, government got a prominent filmmaker Pankaj nilhani as the new censor board chief.

He censored the Indian cinema like never before. From cutting kissing scenes to putting clothes over bikini clad women, this guy killed imagination of every “tharki”.

I only have one word for him. “Respect”.

Our government did not stop at censoring the current lot. They decided to censor the future cinema creators by bringing the Yudhishtra of Mahabharta as the next FTII chief.

He was to teach “sanskar” to all students of FTII. They rebelled and the rest as they say is “History”.

gajendrachauhan Ibnlive 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015

  1. Indian Judiciary’s Santa act:

Salman Khan was found not guilty. Jayalalithaa was found not guilty. This was the year when Veerapan would have been found not guilty, had he fought his case in India courts.

The holy courts of India decided to let go off some of the obvious culprits. I cannot write in detail, as I might be held in contempt of court.

Par judge sahib for The Mango Man’s case you have “Tareeq par Tareeq aur reh jaati hai toh sirf tareeq” and for the privileged ones, you took less than a year to declare them not guilty. This is some speedy justice.

This year Christmas definitely came early for Indian Judiciary.

salman khan verdict 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015

  1. From hail to Fail : BJP’s success formula:

Run a multi crore political campaign, get modi to spend most time on stage, have multiple modi rallies and finally, talk of cow – ghar wapsi – hindu/muslim divide and at some stage mention the word “poverty” and “growth” strategically.

The formula of BJP to win elections in India finally failed in Bihar. The Lalu-Nitish combo was too strong to fall to this formula.

I am hoping BJP can devise some new techniques to win more elections. Overdose of Modi is what this country does not need in future elections.

bihar overview 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015

  1. The citizens of no one’s land:

It took a death of a toddler to remind the world of the mess US and its allies have created. The immigration problem faced by Europe is the worst in years. I am sure they are still finding culprits to blame.


There were others which did not made it to the Mango Man’s list of 2015 like

  1. Government’s plan to ban porn
  2. Government’s plan to issue new guidelines for Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook data
  3. Pakistan’s rise to the top of list of failed nations
  4. etc…etc

I am exhausted now simple smile 10 Noteworthy News/Events from 2015

This completes my list of what made news in 2015.

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