I love airline food, I love the excitement and anticipation of a trip. There are so many reasons why i love flying….

We all have our own pet reasons why we hate to fly, but I have a confession – I simply love to fly! I love everything about flying: the cramped seats, the safety instructions, the often indifferent air crew (if we’re talking Air India; other airline stewards tend to be gushingly cheerful)… everything!  Here are the many reasons why I love airplanes and love flying:

The soaring anticipationview from an airplace 10 Reasons Why I Love Flying

Its travel time! I see those beautiful, fluffy clouds below me… What’s not to like! Whether it’s a familiar place or a exotic new place you’re visiting, there is the anticipation of the trip, the joy of soaring above the clouds…. I love the takeoffs – that surge of speed just before liftoff and the landings too!

Appreciation of the alternative  

train travel 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingTraveling the same distance by bus would be an unspeakable purgatory. If its train you have to think of ways to keep yourself sane for many hours; if you’re traveling with kids you have to arm yourself with an extra bag of items to keep the blighters entertained. As for the train loos… less said the better!

I can switch off my phone

airline mode 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingI can switch off my phone; I have to, they told me to! I can be off the radar and never have to apologise to mother, friend, acquaintance! And I can still play games on my phone! Yay for my phone’s Flight Mode!

The food

airplane food 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingYes l love the food as well! People may claim that the small portions on plastic trays taste terrible but I love airline food. I love how everything is packed nicely, that there’s a salad, a side dish and a sweet. I love that it’s free; I even love the vile tasting tea and coffee they serve onboard.

The earphones

earphones 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingIt’s a legit excuse to tune out importunate fellow passengers who want to chat or share. Smile politely, stuff in those earphones and get on with the old Salman Khan film that you’ve been meaning to watch again.

The air-pockets

air pocket 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingWhoo! The bottom just fell out of my stomach! And I loved it! It’s the same thrill I get from a boat ride in choppy water, a giant-wheel, a merry-go-round…. There is the added thrill of never knowing when the next air-pocket will happen.

In-flight entertainment

in flight entertainment 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingIt keeps the children out of my hair – reliably, there is a Tom & Jerry or Disney feature on. So what if my own choice of entertainment is a tossup between an old SRK film that I never wanted to watch and some old English film that I’d already seen?

The Dreamliner

Air India Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner2 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingAir India has the Dreamliner and on my recent flight from Delhi to Kolkata and back, my family and I discovered its various joys – windows that dimmed at the press of a button, great leg space, huge overhead bins, a gaming console and excellent choice of in-flight entertainment that you can navigate yourself. I admit to a twinge of envious heartburn when passing through the first class cabin, but that was short-lived. Even the economy class of the Dreamliner is vastly superior to other aircraft.

The miniature loo

flush 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingYou cannot swing a cat in there, but it’s all a marvel of the miniature: the pot, the sink, the folding door, the rubbish bin, the mirror. It’s all there, tucked into its respective tight little corner. And that vacuum flush – admit it… its fascinating!


800px Welcome Area Delhi T3 Departure IGI Airport 10 Reasons Why I Love FlyingIts massive, it’s classy, it has great shopping and a really decent food court. If you transit via the international terminal the shopping is even better! The terminal is so big you can enjoy a good, brisk morning or evening walk even! Charge your phone, take a restful nap on the loungers, enjoy looking at the other travelers or simply take in what’s happening on tarmac. There is a lot to help you pass the time of day when you’re at Delhi’s T3 terminal. Somehow flight delays don’t bother me as much when I’m lodged within the climate controlled interiors of T3. And did mention, I simply love flying?

By – Reena Daruwalla

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