We’re tied up to so many daily chores that keeping ourselves hydrated slips off our mind. Here are the ten hinters for dehydration.

Is body water a quintessential determinant of good health? The fact that 65% of an adult’s body is composed of water is in itself a self-explanatory expression. Both by weight and volume, water predominates in human body. You can’t scarce your body of water for more than 72 hours. That too is being oppressive to your body. From the smallest of the cells to the largest of the organs, water has its command throughout.

Logically, to be in pink, amount of water expulsion should always be congruent to that of your intake. It is this principle of fluid balance our body must stick to. There is no single function our body can perform in devoid of water. From digestion to body temperature to tissues and joints, water does a bang-up job in aiding all the pivotal functions of the body.

But yeah, once we tend to be tight with water, variety of disorders start crippling our system. So, the malpractice of taking water not too serious can trouble you with a variety of ailments.

For your better health, here is a listicle of few symptoms that would, every time you feel sick, awaken your mind from the state of unnoticed dehydration.

  1. Foul breath

Saliva secretion is entirely dependent upon your water intake. As we all know, saliva is laden with antibacterial properties and maintains oral hygiene. Dehydration minimizes saliva production, encouraging bacterial invasion inside your mouth. Therefore, your breath stinks.

badbreath 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

  1. Increased heartbeats

Dehydration can also interfere in your heartbeats. Paucity of water in your blood vessels can thicken blood, reduces plasma volume and hence disturbs blood pumping across our body. Also, electrolytic balance in your body goes hay-wired if dehydrated. This makes your heart palpitate rapidly and consequently stress you out.

heart rhythms 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

  1. Tiredness and lethargy

Human brain functions efficiently only if supplied with water. Inadequacy of water causes a substantial depletion in distribution of oxygen along your body.

Transportation of nutrients faces hindrance in the absence of water. To overcome this crisis, your body ends up investing more energy than earning. Hence, you are low with unending exhaustion.

Tiredness 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

  1. Weak concentration and memory

Since the operation carried out by brain is highly dependent upon water, one’s decision making skill is profoundly governed by our daily water intake. An effortless pursuit of hydration can stop you from being before-time scatter-brain.

weak memory 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

  1. Constipation

Gastro-intestinal linings along the alimentary canal, in order to remain healthy, seek sufficient influx of water.  Excreting out hardened faeces, medically termed as constipation, is also one of the repercussions of dehydration. Vomiting, acid-reflux , Diarrhoea and indigestion too are the side-effects of dehydration.

constipation stomach pains toilet bloated 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

  1. Yellow urine

Dark yellow tinge in urine harbingers bad health. Hydration plays a crucial role in sweeping out the intrinsic waste and toxins from our body. Short water supply yellows the stream of urine and also lowers down the healthy frequency of an adult’s urination.

yellow urine 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

  1. Painful joint and muscle

Water in joints amount to 80 % and administers the movements and motion of your body. Low water density can heighten the friction between your bones and lead to joint pain and muscle cramps.

douleur arthritique ou musculaire la differerence big 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

Human body. Aches, discomfort, pain and misery .

  1. Dull and flaky skin

Did you know that your skin is the largest of all the organs and heavily thrive on water? Water insufficiency makes you sweat negligibly and hence promote dirt and oil accumulation beneath your skin. This condition can be as dismal as acne eruptions on your skin. Also, your skin becomes prone to developing cracks.

dry skin 31 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

  1. Uncontrolled food cravings

Thirst for water is often misconstrued as that of food. It is water that your body asks you from. But, your brain receives erroneous signals from your body that you are hungry and reciprocates back accordingly, engaging you in nibbles.

Cravings 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

Woman’s cravings

  1. Headaches

Headaches annoy us very frequently. Dehydration in most of the cases is the cause. Water dis-balance in the pockets of brain can pain you with headaches. However, a glass of water at times does wonder for headaches.

headache cures 400x400 10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Lacking Water

Gulp down plenty of water, depending upon the adversities of weather and your work activity. Consider water as a compulsion and not an option. Run low on dehydrating products like alcohol and high on water-rich fruits and vegetables. Once the habit is deep entrenched in your mind, you may never have to undergo any of the above symptoms.

By Prerna Daga

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