Girls, here are the 10 ways to look diva – licious this season – Get ready to create an impact!

1. Rule out the Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants – Try on the Jumpsuits and Rompers!

Not just comfortable, jumpsuits don’t need to be a trend to be worn; they are comparable to wearing your pajamas. Even our very own palazzos are in the family of jumpsuits. They are comfortable and trendy at the same time, so # 1, on the list of must haves this season. 

Jumpsuit diva fashion 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

2. Dare to Wear the All White Look

Super elegant and classy but hard to pull it off. Divas don’t need to worry though; this is the look of the season. Our favorite celebrities have pulled off this look with great ease and have managed to look sexilicious. A combination of white crop top and a white long skirt is like a celebrity must have. Whether Hollywood or Bollywood, it’s a global trend. 

white diva dress 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

3.Try the Trendy Hair Band Look

Hairbands are always in season, just with new designs and styles. From indian designers like Sabyasachi to international brands like Dolce and Gabanna, all have a range of fancy bands in their new season’s collection. Can be worn with gowns and also with indian outfits, these hairbands are like hair beautiful hair accessories not be missed.  

 diva hair band season 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

4. Wear the Cuts

Dresses and tops with sexy cuts is like a peekaboo teaser. Sidecuts and front neck cuts make the outfit a bit more interesting. Not really exposing, cuts always make the outfit looks a bit sassy.  

short dresses like diva 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

5. Floral

Floral print is one of the most vibrant prints of the season. Floral maxis, tops, summer jackets and even pants sum up the ongoing floral trend. Flowery prints not only look beautiful but also make you aesthetic to look at. It gives a pleasing feeling to the senses. 

 sonam floral 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

 shoes heels ki freja 6beige 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

6. Check out the High – Low Look

Again, a trending look, the outfit is short from the front and long from the back giving it a fusion look of a short dress and a maxi from the back. You would definitely stand out from the crowd wearing the high low. 

HIGH LOW DRESS 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

7. Color Block Look

Color Blocking is a trend not to be underestimated. It’s mainly about a palette of colors filled in geometric patterns.  This trend is quite edgy and sharp at the same time, which I love. It looks best on the long dresses. A must have in your wardrobe.  

COLOR BLOCK MODEL 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

 COLOR BLOCK 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

8. Sexy Slit is Back

The slit, which we remember in the fancy gowns from back in the day, is back in the most casual look. You would love to flaunt your legs in these skirts which are creating a buzz now days. An everyday long skirt with slits on both the sides is another diva-licious trend u must know about.  

SKIRT 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

9. Pastel is my Personal Favorite Color

I feel pastel colors reflect a sense of divinity and grace. You just cannot go wrong with a pastel colored outfit. Peach, baby pink, Lime green, nude pink make the pastel palette of colors.  It symbolizes simplicity in the choice of colors, a trend not be missed. 

 PASTEL COLOR DIVA SEASON 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

10. Go Vintage

Divas never forget that “Old is Gold “ even in fashion. Vintage Fashion is timeless but not everyone appreciates vintage. I think it is the most classic styles of the past, which we mold and make the current trends. Everything comes back from the past with a twist but elegance is still associated with the original all time favorites.  Sonam Kapoor brought back the vintage western and its commendable how she pulls it off with great panache. 

cannes SONAM KAPOOR VINTAGE SEASON 10 Ways to be Diva   Licious This Season!

By: Vidhi Sagar

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