Find out why weight loss products, kitchen gadgets and cook books make terrible gifts for Mothers Day

We’ve looked at the Top 10 Mothers Day Gifts and Ideas. Today we look at the gifts that you should not, repeat not give your mother this Mother’s Day (11 May 2014, guys, Duh!). These are the gifts that will either be useless to your mother, will create unnecessary work for her, or may actually offend her.  Think about what she would like and enjoy receiving rather than what you think she needs (you could be so very, very wrong!) So steer clear of these gifts for your mother on her special day this year:

1.     A weighing scale or ANY other weight loss product

weighing scale 10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerAnti cellulite cream, a treadmill, shape wear of any type, weight loss pills, weight loss DVDs, diet books…. Quite simply avoid these. These are not gifts, they are a critique; they are a suggestion to your mom to do something. This is a day to appreciate her, not to offer censure.

2.     A re-gift – Of Any Sortgift 10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready Reckoner

You have something lying around the house that you don’t have much use for, and you decide to gift it to your mother. This is beyond the pale – every mother deserves better. Even a last minute purchase of a single rose and a nondescript card is a better idea.

3.     Clothes that don’t fit

fatpants weight loss 10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerIf you get her something that is too large, she will think that you think of her as overweight. If you get her something too small, she will think that you are making a comment or suggestion of some sort. If you must get clothes, ensure that they fit; or stick to shawls, saris, stoles and so on.

4.     A pet

pug dog 5030664  10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerAn adorable little creature in a wicker basket with a bow may look perfectly adorable, but a pet is a lot of work. You do not want to give your mother a new baby to care for, to potty train, to clean up after, to feed, bathe… you get the idea.

5.     Cleaning products

wheel detergent 5030693  10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerShe will get what she needs from the supermarket or the bania dukaan, thanks very much. She does not need you to give her a toilet cleaning set, a futuristic mop or a vacuum cleaner, or even the hint of a suggestion that she needs to keep a cleaner house.

6.     A parenting guide

parenting guide 10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerShe raised you, didn’t she? So by giving her a parenting guide you’re telling her that she did not do a good job or you’re telling her to do it right the next time around – both epic fail ideas.

7.     Cook books

cookbook 10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerYou’re supposed to love your mother’s cooking; not give her suggestions for how to improve. This is fraught with peril. Besides if you have a mother like mine, who believes in doing things the same way since 1968 and never thinks that there can be a newer and better way to do anything, this gift will be treated with the scorn it deserves.

8.     Cash

751px American Cash 10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerThis, for the woman who raised you? Gave you everything while she herself made sacrifices? This gift just screams “I’ve run out of ideas” or “I don’t care enough to give some time to a thoughtful gift” or “I remembered on to the way to your place that its Mother’s Day today”.

9.     Obscure kitchen gadgets

marvel green plastic nicer dicer set 9099 10 Worst Mothers Day Gifts – A Ready ReckonerThat ice-cream candy maker, the potato chip maker, peeler, chopper, dicer may appear very useful and fun to you. For your mother, who’s been doing things her own way for a few decades (yes I’m taking about my mother again) this, again is a gift that will be treated with utter contempt.

10.Mom Jokes


I’m Mom! It’s My Way or

The Highway!

A wall poster that says A good mom has sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles and happy kids. Avoid this. A T-shirt that says I’m Mom, It’s My Way or the Highway. Avoid this. A kitchen placard that says “Mom Zone”.  An apron that says Get Cooking! Or any kind of apron, really – avoid it! Why, do you say?Well she is your mother! Do you really want to tell her that her house is dirty, or that she is a bossy-boots, or that it is her job to cook?

And if you’re thinking a handmade card or something, that would be a good idea – if you’re under 11 years of age that is!

By – Reena Daruwalla

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