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The screenplay of Sholay has been etched in the hearts of millions. Here is  a list of  the 11 most iconic dialogues of Sholay. Which one is your favourite?

1. Ye Haath Humko De De Thakur

Thakur’s hand has been the butt of jokes time and again. One of the epic joke on him was that – Ek Toh Bichare Thakur Ki Biwi Nahi Thi, Aur Fir Zulmi Gabbar Ne Uske Haath Bhi Cheen Liye

thakur gabbar sholay o 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

2. Kitne Aadmi The

Often people ask questions in this classic style of Gabbar. However, now-a-days if anybody imitates this dialogue the answer from a Generation Next kid is – “Mujhe kya pata, mai toh ladkiyan gin raha tha!”

gabbar singh sholay o 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

3. Basanti In Kutton Ke Samne Matt Nachna

Even today, Dharmendra is remembered for this dialogue so much that no matter where he goes, people just want him to recite the same line over and over again.

basanti veeru gabbar o 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

4. Hum Angrezon ke Zaamane Ke Jailor Hain

Asrani is still remembered for this dialogue in his brilliant comic performance as a police officer commanding a jail – the spoof on hitler is classic.  And you definitely heard you grand-dad say this to you “Angrez challe gaye, innhe chodd gaye.”  when you are  listiening to your favorite ‘english’ songs. A dialogue said by Jai when he makes fun of Asrani’s character being very English in his actions and speech.

5. Holi Kab Hai, Kab Hai Holi

Does this dialogue need any introduction? Aha, didn’t you see it trending on twitter a day before Holi?

holi gabbar o 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

6. Tera Kya Hoga Kaaliya

This epic dialogue is quoted whenever you sympathize or scoff at someone in trouble – the most popular of all Sholay dialogues.

kaalia 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

7. Dekho, Yun toh Humein Befuzool Baat Karne Ki Aadat Toh Hai Nahin…

Often the chatterbox and the blabber mouth will say this after bothering you all the time. This dialogue is also prelude to another Bollywood’s favorite dialogue – “Tumhara Naam Kya Hai Basanti” and “Jahan Ladki Dekha Line Maarna Shuru.”

basanti sholay o 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

8. Arre O Sambha…Kitna Inaam Rakha Hai Sarkar Ne Hum Par?

Sambha and Kaliya were two supporting characters in this timeless classic but yet they are  remembered, thanks to the legendary dialogues penned down by the awesome combo of Salim-Javed.

sambha sholay o 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

9. Mausi Going Jail and Chakki Pissing and Pissing

This legendary suicide scene is perhaps one of the most classic scene in the movie. The most comic, romanic and very drunk display of love for Basanti!

10. Jo Darr Gaya, Samjo Marr Gaya

This is the most macho of  all dialogues. If you quote this dialogue then you ‘mardaangi meter’ is very high!!

marr gaya gabbar o 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

And the legendary dialogue from Rahim Chacha aka AK Hangal…

11. Itna Sannata Kyu Hai Bahi

This line brought tears to our eyes and the deep sad emotion of loosing a loved one etched in our memory. Make one want to see this movie all over again.

ak Hangal Sholay 11 Most Iconic Dialogues of Sholay!

By: Deepti Verma

Image Courtesy: NDTV, Indiatoday, GIFSoup, Featured Image

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