Queen starring Kangana Ranaut is responsible for a lot of welcome firsts – it is film without a ‘hero’ and a woman who decides to live life on her own terms. Full credit to the filmmakers Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane and Vikas Bahl for breaking new ground

It isn’t just that Queen is a hit movie with a great story, terrific acting and that feel good factor to boot. It is something of a trend setter too. There were several firsts that this film is responsible for; many ways in which this film has broken new ground. Here are all the reasons why I feel that Queen is responsible for a lot of happy firsts:

1.      A film can survive without a ‘hero’

queen 11 Ways in Which Queen Broke new Ground There is no ‘hero’ in the film. This is a new one for Bollywood – a film with a central female character and no hero. Yes there are male characters in the film but they are secondary. Kangana Ranaut is responsible for carrying this film on her own.

2.      A woman can be friends with a man who is not a relative

Male-female friendships do not have to be slotted into the brotherly, fatherly of avuncular category. A woman can just be friends with a man – a loyal, steadfast bond that doesn’t need a qualifier.

kangana ranaut and lisa haydon in queen 300x228 11 Ways in Which Queen Broke new Ground 3.      Free thinking, liberated women are not ‘s**ts’

There is Viyaylaxmi who is a single mother and thinks nothing of casual intimacy. Then there is the Vijaylaxmi’s friend Rukhsar (or Roxette) in Amsterdam who earns a living as a stripper. Both women are decent, loyal, giving humans. Thankfully the film refuses to give any justifications or excuses for the choice they have made in their lives.

4.      A makeover doesn’t have to be only physical

Sure Rani comes back with smoother hair and elegant dresses have replaced the Karol-Baug kurtas. But her transformation is from within – hers is a change born or self realisation a self confidence that stems from learning to love herself.

5.      A woman is complete without a man

Rani’s original love interest in the film is found to be a supercilious, conceited brat and she finds no reason to take him back when he comes crawling on his knees. Neither does she bear him any grudges. It is most refreshing when she ends the relationship with a heartfelt ‘Thank-You’.

6.      It is possible to make it in Bollywood without a godfather

Kangana Ranaut the actor has certainly arrived in the industry. She has done so on her own steam; sans godfather, sans filmi relatives.

7.      A woman can share a kiss and not feel guilty

She shares a kiss with the handsome Italian chef… just because! She is not in love with him – it is quite simply the magic of the moment! It’s a lovely experience, no whys, no wherefores and no baggage. This is unique in Hindi cinema where the ‘Kiss’ is still a very big deal.

rani and her freinds in queen 300x200 11 Ways in Which Queen Broke new Ground 8.      Friendship needn’t have a language

During her time abroad Rani makes close friends who are supportive, loving and protective of her. Even if they don’t necessarily understand each other’s language very well they communicate, have fun together, laugh and cry together.

9.      Portrayal of the middle class family

Rani has a doughty, sensible dadi who tells her to put a bad experience behind her. She has parents who are loving, non judgmental and supportive. There is none of the melodramatic ronad-dhona here. The parents may be doubtful of their recently-dumped-at-the-altar daughter going off by herself for her honeymoon, but they have faith in her. They decide to worry only about her wellbeing, not about “what people will say.”

10. The global desi

An Indian can go abroad and hold her own even if she is not very urbane or sophisticated. She can give the world a taste of her native cuisine, wear her own clothes and be comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t feel the need to change or apologise and finds that people everywhere are accepting and cordial.

11. Girls just wanna have fun

Rani gets drunk and decides to party. She puts up a stall selling gol-gappa in collaboration with the handsome Italian chef. She goes to a rock show with her friends. She has fun! And she sees no reason to feel remotely apologetic – all we can say is Go Girl!

By – Reena Daruwalla

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