We love Jodha Akbar on Zee TV, don’t we?

Jodha Akbar of Zee TV is one among the highly rated serials in the Indian Television Industry. The reason? Well, the serial has everything that a historical drama should possess. In addition, it also has the masala which our modern TV viewers wish to see.

Here are the reasons why Jodha Akbar fans cannot stop raving about the serial :

1. Because it deals with love, love and only love

Hatred is an alien word in Zee TV’s Jodha Akbar. The serial only promotes love and that too unconditional one – Unconditional love between a Son and his Mother (Akbar and Maham Anga), between a Emperor and his subjects, between a Ruler and his officials (Akbar’s love for Bairam Khan and Atgah Khan), between a brother and his sister and of course between a husband and his wife (Akbar and Jodha)

jodha akbar 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

2. Because it is a Warrior’s Story Sans any War

Akbar was a great warrior. He is famous for his expansions and strategies. But who cares about it, all we care is the saas -bahu sazish, Jodha’s attitude, Ruqaiya Begum’s tantrums, Maham Anga’s conspiracy and Akbar’s profound love for Jodha and her big family. Now do we need any war?

Jodha Akbar 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

3. Because Jodha Akbar promotes Secularism

Our Politicians who shout the slogans of secularism should rather watch this serial to get a first hand view on secularism from a Moslem ruler. In the serial, Akbar without any apprehensions appoints a Hindu as his finance minister. Moreover, we often see him paying his respect to Lord Krishna and Tulsi Devi. Recently, we even saw him chanting Gayatri mantra. 

AKBAR PRAYING IN FRONT OF KRISHNA 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

JODHA NAMAAZ 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

4. Because we just cannot pull our eyes away from Rajat Tokas

Everybody loves Rajat Tokas – whether it is a young girl, a teenage girl, a neighborhood Aunty or the bibiji of the house. His dialogue delivery is like a  rhythm in itself and his persona on screen just cannot be matched by anyone – so much that when somebody talks about Akbar in historical events it is Rajat’s face that we girls visualize.

Jodha Akbar1 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

5. Because it promotes Women Rights

Although Jodha Akbar is a historical drama of 16th century, Jodha from day 1 motivates the modern women to stand up for their power and rights. Jodha’s determination of not to be a submissive wife, inspires the 21st century woman and gives them strength to move out of domestic bonds.

women power jodha akbar 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

6. Because we Love the Grandeur of the Serial

Everything is just so majestic about this serial – From the beautiful dresses to the dazzling jewelry and even the magnificent sets. Compare it with the Jodha Akbar film and you will know what I am talking about, the serial simply outclasses the film.

JODHA AKBAR GRANDEUR 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

7. Because for the first time ever, we get to see Harem Politics

Before Jodha Akbar serial, we only had heard and read about “Harem” and its politics. But, here, for the very first time we are seeing it live. Besides, no matter how much ever we deny it, it is a fact that – We love watching the beautiful women in the harem.

HAREM POLITICS JODHA AKBAR 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

8. We get to see the unique love between a saas (Mariam Makhani) and her bahu (Jodha)

Switch to any channel, and you will see a saas calling names to her bahu but here, Akbar’s mother Mariam Makhani considers Jodha as her beti (daughter). She trust Jodha more than her own son. This unique bonding between the saas – bahu only makes us go aw…

9. Because language isn’t a barrier

Jodha Akbar has been translated into many languages. So, even if we do not understand Hindi, Tamil or Telugu we understand the language of love and Jodha Akbar.

10. Because it keeps us entertained with its melodious songs and super awesome background music

“Ishq Hai Woh Ehsaas – Ishq Hai Woh Jazbaat”  and “In Aankhon Mei Tum” have become love anthems for all lovers. No wonder, we find many of the facebook pages just dedicated to these melodious and revolutionary love songs. 

11. Because the supporting characters and their awesome acting

From Jaweida (Adham Khan’s wife), Resham (Maham Anga’s Eunuch) to the cute Rahim Khan-e-Khana along with his mother Salima Begum, all the supporting cast do not irritate us like any other serials but keep us entertained with their own comic timings. Moti Bai too through her wrong advises! Not to forget, Benazir, the vish kaniya, who actually got us addicted to this serial.

JODHA AKBAR TEAM 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

12. The Non Stop Controversies that Surrounds the Serial

And lastly, I must admit, the show is always in the news. Initially, it was due to the constant Rajput protest which made Ekta quit this show and now the whole Paridhi Drama where she alleged the director of assaulting her. No wonder, controversy is an important parameter for success of any show.

Jodha Akbar Protest 12 Reasons Why We Love Jodha Akbar Serial

By: Deepti Verma

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