The Lok Shabha elections not only decide the fate of the country, but also let us peep into thought systems, beliefs.

Elections for the 16 Lok Sabha has been a tumultuous one. In all order, we have not seen such a chaos and media attention towards the search of the “Prime Minister” who will lead the country and is being seen as ‘panacea’ of all ills by all and sundry. There is a long list of the Hopeful ones who are in the queue and what we can call them as ‘wishful thinkers’.

With the culmination of the 5th phase of polling, we see that there are large sections of the electorate who are seeking a change with the power of their vote, this can be called a true democracy, where none can be as influential to make or break the true character of this constitutional right. The turnout itself is a symbol of democratization of the election process which is being highly politicized by the constant pouring of acerbic verbose of various political parties. The horde to tame the electorate has been termed as the name of the game and the media is playing its part to showcase the democratic sense of this whole exercise.

Let’s opine about the various thought process which constitutes the biasness of various political parties to make their vote bank under all the election rhetoric.

To begin with the BJP is all set to swipe the election mandate as is being reported by almost all the print and media channels across the country and abroad. You may call it a kind of biasness as the opinion polls certainly do not represent the real picture of heart of the voters. The numbers are getting changed by leaps and bounds with every passing hour, not to forget the complete turnaround of the election outcome for various channels.

The BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Mr Narendra Modi is the high profile candidature which is being judged as the ‘Next Big Man’ to don the hat of the Prime Minister. Truly so, the hype and hoopla which the media has created around the man on a mission truly makes us all think that he is quite competent at the helm of affairs. Let’s not forget that Mr Modi, in actuality has proved his mettle for more than a decade in his home constituency “Gujarat” and has just bagged the seat of the Chief Minister for the third consecutive time, so it certainly provokes a thought in our mind as to what Mr Modi had done to have this honour time and again. Of course the man has been accused of the Gujarat Pogrom time and again and all his statistics of the emergent Gujarat model has been shunned by major political parties. He is being accused of polarizing the democratic fabric of this country and has been termed with various political titles as “Maut Ka Saudagar”. None the less, Mr Modi has been on a roller coaster ride and has been constantly reverting back with his own stylish vernaculars such as “Shehzada and Madam”.

417 Modi Peace Merabharosa1 16th Lok Sabha and The Making of the Prime Minister

Modi: A Brand or Saviour?

 Next in line is the Congress, which has been in power for a decade now and is again, staking its claim for the third consecutive time against all odds. The grand old party of this country is basking in the glory of a decade of economic reforms it so vociferously proclaimed. With humungous schemes like MNERGA, food security act and the passing of the Jan Lok pall bill, a last minute effort has been made to make a paradigm shift to attract the voter of this country. Mr Rahul Gandhi has been touring the length and breadth of this country to seek votes on the basis of the work which his party so vehemently did all these years, but unfortunately, the party has been embroiled in a web of scams which surfaced one after the other. Coupled with falling economic statistics, which hit the common man so hard, the party is all set to lose ground on all the rhetoric’s which it is made as a last minute effort.

Rahul Gandhi Potrait 16th Lok Sabha and The Making of the Prime Minister

Rahul Gandhi : Eternally Hopeful! Image Source : IANS

Amongst all the political turmoil which castigated this nation, there were some positives too, the emergence of the new kid on the block “AAPAam Admi Party” was a surprise for new breed of politicians seeking the common ground of inclusive politics for the common man. Initiated as a street fight against all the corrupt practices in the incumbent Congress government, the party famously rose to power stage within no time and made a grandiose entry in the Delhi assembly elections bagging 28 of the 70 assembly seats. The party lost ground quickly on account of novice political leadership. Mr Arvind Kejriwal was shunned as a big stunt master after he resigned after 49 days of seeking power, all the hopes of the ‘Aam Admi’ were crashed, and they had to be contended with the current set of politicians which they so famously shunned. The party is making ground for entering in the Lok Sabha where it is contesting for more than 200 parliamentary seats. But the party which came to power in all earnest had its own silver linings too; it brought educated and cerebral candidates in the election fray and almost pressurized the entire polity to do so. The de-criminalization of politics was the mission of AAP which has been to some extent successful, as we learn from the media, that many stalwarts of major political parties have not been given tickets that have had criminal backgrounds or are in litigation in Indian courts. Thus the cleansing of the political satire can be attributed to the AAP movement.

Arvind Kejriwal 16th Lok Sabha and The Making of the Prime Minister

The ‘New KId’ in the Game! Source: Wkipedia Commons

Within this entire chimera, the confused electorate of this nation is perplexed with the ongoing war of words. The hapless voter is certainly going through a phase of politics of communalism, opportunism and regionalism, this is a true test of democracy and whosoever wins the election, the true winner should be the voter who braved all storms and showed to the political class that he matters.

Thus, with three main political parties staking their own man to be the prime minister of this country, it is up to the electorate to choose the best of the incumbent who can lead this nation and put it on a path it so rightly deserves.

By Sanjeev Jaggi 

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