The Union Budget was tabled yesterday in the parliament. Read here to know the major points of 2015 budget!

Several Posts, ranging from fitness articles to satires, were submitted in our community. Most of these articles trended well in the community. Here are the top trending ones.


The Union Budget was tabled yesterday in the parliament. Know whether it was about big bang reforms or pro poor measures. Read the article where major points of this year’s budget have been listed.

Kal Bhairava in the Bhairavnath Temple: Saswad, Pune 

The ancient Bhairavnath Temple is situated in the central part of the Saswad town and is very popular with the locals. One reason for its popularity is its antiquity and yet, its exact age is not known. The other reason why people flock to this temple is its guardian deity – Kal Bhairav or the Lord of Time – the fierce and terrifying looking deity in the Hindu Texts, a demeanor He reserves for the evil hearted and the wicked. Read more to know about the ancient KalBhairavnath Temple in Saswad.

9 Foundations for a Healthy Relationship 

Every successful and healthy relationship needs a strong foundation to stand the tides of time. Foundations are what hold the structure of your relationship in place when things go awry in the years that follow. While no relationship is perfect, a successful one requires a constant effort, dedication and compromise from both the partners. Initially everything might seem effortless and exciting but the more time you spend together, differences start to pop. Without these foundations, the relationship would inevitably collapse. Read the post to learn about the 9 foundations for a Healthy Relationship

AAP and agitations 

An interesting take on the AAP’s agitation style of Politics, this article raises some inconvenient questions for the AAP party.

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