Telangana is set to become surplus state by 2018-19,future generations of state would enjoy uninterrupted power supply & wouldn’t know what a power cut was.

Having weathered the worst power deficit situation in the State to ensure power supply to agriculture, industry and domestic sectors, Telangana has now set a deadline to make Telangana a power surplus State by providing 24×7 power to all households, industry, commercial business, public needs, any other electricity consumption entity and adequate power to agriculture farm holdings by 2018-19.
telangana 24 Hours Power For All In Telangana
When it was formed on June 2, 2014, there was a severe power shortage in the Telangana State. Power cuts were imposed rampantly and the government had to face severe criticism for its inaction to improve the power supply.
The installed capacity on the day of formation of Telangana on June 2, 2014 was 4365.26 MW. It included 2282.50 MW of Thermal, 2081.76 of Hydel and 1 MW of Solar power.
Telangana is among the highest power intensive States in India, with a per capita power consumption of over 985 units as against an all India average of 917 units.
Going forward, energy requirement is expected to see an exponential growth owing to various factors, Telangana has charted a strategy to ensure 24×7 power supply to all categories including 24 hours supply to rural category by 2017-18 as against 15 hours supply currently. It also is ensuring 9 hours power supply to agriculture during day time as against 7 hours presently.
telangana power plant 24 Hours Power For All In Telangana
Driven by considerable growth in demand from agriculture, domestic and industrial sectors and the metro city of Hyderabad, energy deficit in the State of Telangana for last three years was in the range of 4%-12%. The total energy requirement in Telangana in FY 2014-15 was 50,916 MU. As against this only 48,788 MU was met leading to a deficit of nearly 4.2% to 2,128 MU. The State saw a historic maximum peak demand of 8,331 MW in FY 2014-15.
The energy requirement of Telangana is expected to nearly double from 50,916 MU in FY 2014-15 to 105,974 MU by FY 2018-19. The peak demand is also expected to increase three fold from 8,331 MW in FY 2014-15 to 19,053 MW in FY 2018-19.
As on date, there are 44,532 urban and 721,588 rural households to be electrified in the state of Telangana. The state has chalked out plan to complete its electrification of all households by the end of FY 2017-18.
TSGENCO is planning significant investments to the tune of 6,840 MW amounting to a total project cost of Rs. 42,491 Crs from its upcoming thermal power stations to meet the increasing demand through capacity additions by FY 2018-19.
TSGENCO has already grounded 5880 MW of projects at Manuguru, Kothagudem and Dameracherla within record time of one year. This entire capacity of 5880 MW is coming up in the government sector with equity support from the government.
While Manuguru (1080 MW) is expected to be commissioned by December 2016, Kothagudem(800 MW) and Dameracherla (4000 MW) are likely to be commissioned by December 2017 and December 2018 respectively.
Similarly, the 2nd Stage Thermal Power Project of TSGENCO at Bhupalpally was commissioned 600 MW and 1200 MW of Thermal Power by Singareni Collieries will also be commissioned in the next six months. In addition, about 700 MW of power is expected from CGS Stations by 2018.
TS GENCO 24 Hours Power For All In Telangana
To tide over the immediate situation, the government has entered PPA with Chattisgarh for 100 MW of power and Wardha-Maheshwaram 765 KV DC Line is expected to be commissioned by December 2016. 840 MW of power is being procured from M/s Thermal Powertech Corporation of India Limited.
 Also TSDISCOMS are planning to procure capacity from various sources including 4,733 MW of power from CGS sources, 4,819 MW of power from other long-term sources and 6,016 MW from Renewable Energy Sources.
This capacity additions together sum up to 22,408 MW in installed capacity terms by end of FY 18-19. In a realistic scenario, the state will move from a deficit position till FY 2017-18 to a surplus position by FY 2018-19.
The state transmission utility has planned significant investments to the tune of Rs. 17,803 Crores  will be adequate in meeting the projected peak load over 21,000 MW by the end of FY 18-19 for ensuring adequacy of the system to provide reliable and quality power to the consumers in the state.
Presently the distribution transformation capacity at 33 kV level is about 15,038 MVA over and above the DISCOMs are planning to add 7,960 MVA amounting to a total of 22,998 MVA by the end of FY 2018-19. Analysis of the peak load at each voltage levels indicate that the system is capable of handling peak loads which is amounting to only 11,953 MVA at 33 kV level.
solar plants telangana 24 Hours Power For All In Telangana
Telangana has a vast solar potential with average solar insolation of nearly 5.5 kWh/m2 for more than 300 sunshine days. In addition to 215 MW of available Solar Power, about 3300 MW of solar power would be commissioned by December 2016 and government plans to add another 2000 MW in the next two-three years.
TSDISCOMs had made accumulated cash loss in tune of Rs.13,867 Crs during FY 2014-15 and the same is expected to be in the range of around Rs. 29,398 Crs by end of FY 2018-19 assuming no tariff increase and escalation in Power Purchase cost. In order to avoid losses in the year FY 2018-19, the DISCOMs will have to increase tariff to the extent of around 13% on an average for the base case.
The total generating capacity will be 24,272 MW by Financial Year 2018-19. With this ambitious plan, Telangana set to become surplus state by 2018-19,future generations of Telangana would enjoy uninterrupted power supply and would not know what a power cut was, the Finance minister noted in his budget speech.
By G.Rajendra Kumar
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