While news of the 2G scam spread like fire across the nation, there is no end to its denial on part of our political leaders. A spoof of some of the hilarious reasons charted out for covering the whole deal.

1-Who wants to jail Dayalu Ammal (one of the directors of the company that received 200 crores – as a loan of course – or was it sweat equity for 2G licences 🙂 )

Kanimozhi DMK Chief Karunanidhis Daughter w DMK Executive Committee 300x185 There Was Never Any 2G Scam   Some Reasons Why

2-The records have Kanni Mohi, her name is spelled Kanimozhi (the idiot north Indians have no clue about South Indian names) – this is their technical defence for the 2G scam accused

3-PM says he did not know about the 2G scam, Chidambaram says he did not know , Raja says he did not know ? Ajit Pawar says he knows but that all documents were destroyed in the Maharashtra Sadan fire (wait – I think he may be mixing scams)

4-CAG mis-calculated – the 2G scam was not 2000 crores , but only a thousand crores

5-Having only recently been educated about the value of telecom licences from the CAG report , RAJA is unable to re-negotiate a higher payout/bribe (he only took a few hundred) – so he clearly did not know much about 2G and adds credibility to his innocence.

6-Anna Hazare has “been fasted” out and Kejriwal is sitting without electricity

Anna Hazare w General Vij 300x199 There Was Never Any 2G Scam   Some Reasons Why

7-Raja is giving a one hundred page reply (to the JPC) of his innocence in the 2G scam and that he did everything with the knowledge of the Prime Minister – in an ancient south Indian language which only he understands

8-Technology has moved on – lets talk 3G and 4G scams – why are we so fixated on the past – 2G is so old !!

9-It was only a few thousand crores, a small amount in comparison to the future scams and farce being planned – the 5000 crore irrigation scam and to Ajit Pawar urinating and filling up Maharashtra’s dams in lieu (of the scam).

Ajit Pawar 289x300 There Was Never Any 2G Scam   Some Reasons Why

10-JPC (chacko) says “Main Hoon Na” to the congress

11-Karunanidhi is Happy and laughing his way to the bank.

Karunanidhi At His Residence 300x272 There Was Never Any 2G Scam   Some Reasons Why

12-And lastly because Ramdev has no time as he is busy grooming his beard and modelling for his brand Patanjali

Baba Ramdev1 300x232 There Was Never Any 2G Scam   Some Reasons Why

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Image Source: IANS

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