Now that Digvijaya Singh and Amrita Rai are a official Twitter couple, read Diggi’s diary schedule post May 16

Digvijaya Singh, let’s call him Diggi (sounds better with his recent image) no matter what is the political issue, always attract attention. I always wondered whether his actions will ever be louder than his words, going by all his non stop rambling time and again. To my surprise, I didn’t had to wait till May 16, the man of the moment with his recent confession on Twitter has made it clear that he is indeed an action man very much vivacious and lively.

So, Going by the most sensational Confession of the year, here’s the diary of Mr. Digvijaya Singh post May 16: 

Digvijaya Singh and Amrita Rai will set off for their long pending vacation

Oh, this election was quite a turmoil for Diggi, wasn’t it? After all he had the duty of continuously attacking and counter attacking the BJPians especially Narendra Modi. Though Salman Khurshid and Sushil Kumar Shinde did give him break at two occasions, he couldn’t just relax because no one in the entire Congress camp has the ability and capacity to throw scum like Diggi.

However, he’ll be a free man post elections after Congress take a back seat, thanks to a decade of LSD – Lies, Scams and Deceit. After finally getting a long due break just like an IT employee he shall go on a vacation with his girl friend TV Anchor Amrita.

digvijaya singh amrita rai 3 Things Digvijaya Singh Will Do After May 16 Leaked Photos of Digvijaya Singh and Amrita Rai. Image Courtesy: Midday

I wonder if he might choose Italy as a destination – Oh, I have heard it’s a romantic destination especially for timeless classic lovers. Diggi, do post your intimate pics on vacation and you shall be trending on Twitter even in your absence!

Digvijaya Singh will be busy promoting Viagra as an official brand ambassador

Impressed by the photos, news and the hullabol the marketing team of Viagra would surely sign him as an ambassador at least in the Asia region. Diggi will be busy in promotion of Viagra and soon his rap would be the talk of the town.  Not to forget, he might also have to attend certain legal and defamation case against him filed by his own party member ND Tiwari who will file a case against Diggi for signing the Viagra contract, which was originally meant for him. Busy man!

digvijay amrita 3 Things Digvijaya Singh Will Do After May 16 Selfie. Image Courtesy: Midday

Digvijaya Singh will turn Love Guru giving love tips to men of all ages

Yesterday (April 30th), all the young boys and men in their early 20s, 30s, and to my surprise even 40s where making a hue and crying out loud on Twitter that they are feeling low and down. Well, bhai log, you need not worry because Diggi will soon start a website and give you all the tips you need. You never know if he pens down the tips and publish a book.

However caught by the disease of IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder), I’m sure Diggi will choose e-book over the traditional hard cover books – easy to download and easy to read, what do you think? Well, I would personally like to warn Pooja Bedi, the love guru of TOI – Darling, please start searching another job from this very moment, you never know if this man takes your position.

Digvijaya Singh Pooja 3 Things Digvijaya Singh Will Do After May 16 Digvijaya Singh and Amrita Rai performing Puja. Image Courtesy: Indiatv News

Besides, if NDA forms a government post May 16, Chetan Bhagat with his strong ties with Modi (Oh, yes he is finally successful in doing that) will be a Rajya Sabha member for his contribution in Indian Literature but don’t you worry because we will not miss his writings. The reason – we will have a replacement in the form of Diggi!

Meanwhile, here’s a video where the two love birds – Digvijaya Singh and Amrita Rai are performing Puja (I presume it is in Maharashtra as the Pandit is talking with his assistant in Marathi)

By: Deepti Verma

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