Here are some interesting, original life quotes to live by.

I have composed hundreds of quotes. These quotes are not the results of any contemplative research or yogic meditations on my part. They are simply revealed to me. They surface on the page of my brain spontaneously, randomly and erratically. I have absolutely no control over their appearances or disappearances. The only choice I have is whether I record them or not. Interestingly, if a thought comes up in my mind and I do not write it down, I may not be able to recall that thought at my will. Some of them may disappear for years or even for ever. These revelations come to me at different times and different locations triggered by a sight, a situation, a happening or just like that. They are all involuntary. The vast majority of these quotes are word by word and letter by letter (verbatim et literatim) reproductions of what were written in the mirror of my mind.

Quotes by Me 30 Interesting Quotes on Life

My Quotes

1. Life is beautiful when there are no pains and sufferings.

2. Integrity is the most important thing in life. In the absence or near absence of integrity, life becomes chaotic, abusive and violent.

3. The highest type of human being is one of Knowledge and Integrity.

4. To take the body as soul and to desire a thing that is not yours are supreme flaws in human character.

5. Everyone’s destiny is determined by when and where he is born, that is by the place and time of birth. These two (variables) fix our DNA as well as our associations and interactions in life.

6. Bad people are bad sanitation. They should be shunned.

Happiness 30 Interesting Quotes on Life

7. Prevention is not better than cure. It is the best cure. Put this to practice and see the difference it makes to life.

8. The first impression is the most lasting impression. It is also the most important.

9. You should be happy for what you have rather than be unhappy with what you do not have. But, you should always strive for the better.

10. True happiness lies in things money can not buy.

11. Love is an undefined feeling of joy and sorrow. It lasts if and when based on understanding.

12. Love is a lamp, which once extinguished, can not be lighted again to its previous glory, no matter how much oil is poured.

13. Love is a weakness that obstructs or makes one blind to the shortcomings in the loved ones.

14. Can you love another person’s children as much as you love your own?

Love 30 Interesting Quotes on Life

15. Work is the cure for all. As long as you are working, you are sane and fit.

16. The biggest worker is that Universal Power known by the name God. He works silently.

17. A person who wants to have money without work is the most dangerous. He/she can fall to any level since money is his/her sole consideration.

18. Do not love your neighbours the way you love yourself. That can ruin your life.

19. Try and do onto others what others do onto you only if it is plausible and feasible.

20. You can draw portraits in air, but you can not see them.

21. God and women have been the most abused things in our society.

22. There are many ways to cheat, but only one way not to cheat.

Life is Beautiful 30 Interesting Quotes on Life

23. Mythology is not history because it is not meant to be history. It is much more than history. Mythology has its own language, its own symbolisms and its own style.

24. The lifting of Govardhana mountain by Vasudeva Krishna on his fingers signifies that even sky is not the limit for Krishna’s ambition.

25. Good deeds should always be executed then and there since life is unpredictable and time ticks away without asking for anyone’s permission. Remember the ancient Sanskrit adage Shubhasya Shighram.

26. Marriages will work only when there is compatibility between the partners.

27. Better be alone than be miserable.

28. There is no such thing as complete transformation of an individual since the basic nature or core personality of a person does not change. A crook remains a crook and a good person good.

29. Charity has always an economic and/or political agenda, not so generosity. When Jesus Christ says, ‘Give a person two linens when he only asks for one’, Christ is talking about generosity.

30. Life does not end at death. It begins at death. Only we do not know what that life is.

By Dr. Sachidanand Das

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