BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday evening met Rajnikanth political. Here are the four examples how Rajni’s endorsement failed several times.

Narendra Modi Rajnikanth 4 Examples How Rajnikanth’s Political Endorsements Failed
BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi met Rajnikanth at his Chennai residence on Sunday evening. This meeting between the ‘political superstar’ and ‘entertainment superstar’ created a lot of buzz. It’s crucial for the BJP, but close aids of Rajni believe that the superstar will not endorse Narendra Modi or BJP.

It was in 1996, when Rajnikanth came forward straightly supporting DMK. He had famously said: “Even God can’t save Tamil Nadu if you vote for Jayalalithaa”. The statement worked as a miracle and the DMK swept the Tamil Nadu state assembly polls. This was the first and only time, when Rajni’s political endorsement worked.

In 1998, Rajnikanth expressed his support for the BJP, but it didn’t work. Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK won 30 seats and 9 went to DMK-BJP alliance.

In 2004, Rajinikanth asked his fans to vote against Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), but again it didn’t work. The PMK won all the Lok Sabha seats it contested.

In 2011, Rajnikanth openly endorsed DMK, when television cameras captured the superstar pressing the button against the party’s election symbol on the electronic voting machine. The DMK lost in the assembly polls.

Desperately Fishing For Votes !!

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