What more exhilarating do you crave for when you native country hosts Asia’s largest beach festival? Gear up travel buffs,Diu Festival 2015 is up in the air

Why oh why tell me why not Diu? Why oh why Diu was meant to be……………

Flummoxed upon the above-mentioned group of words? Well, what effectuated me to begin with what I scribed in the very beginning of the article is people’s voracity for exotic beaches and apathy towards their native beaches. That what is far and other’s always appeals more than what is near and one’s own.

diu fort 4 Whys To Backpack For Diu During This Winter

Embedded on the extreme, eastern end of India’s map, this Diu island, since last few years has been striving hard to seduce the tourists to a degree enough to garner as many footfalls as this tranquil beach deserves to procure. But stereotyped psyches budge in not to mitigate their craze for pseudo-appealing exotic destinations.

Well, my love for travelling keeps me unbiased and hence, to the tour-taken eyes of mine, every single spot of the atlas is kind-of must-visit. Not to impose the simplicity of my travel-thoughts on anybody, I would like to gain confidence of those who since now have been reluctant to add on ‘Diu’ in their bucket list.

So, here are the four whys that would drive any avid traveller to fervently backpack and set out for Diu.

  1. To promote tourism in this miniature island located along the eastern tail of India, the administrator of the district has initiated 75 days Diu Festival from December 1st to February 15th to be launched by Pranab Mukherjee.

Pranab Mukherjee 4 Whys To Backpack For Diu During This Winter

  1. Diu Festival is Asia’s largest beach festival and that says a lot to make you fathom of the thrill this place is infused with.

luxurious tents 4 Whys To Backpack For Diu During This Winter


  1. Here organized is an array of festivals like rangoli making competition, mehndi designing, fancy dress competition, beach volleyballs, canoe race, running, swimming and chess competition. Also hosted are several cultural programmes such as folk songs and dances by renowned artists.

raghu dixit 4 Whys To Backpack For Diu During This Winter

  1. Although, Diu festival itself is fascinating enough to make you land on this heavenly lap. Other privileges to lend you more zeal are its Portugese-style fort dating to 16th century and St.Paul’s Church with the intricately embellished walls.

diu fort1 4 Whys To Backpack For Diu During This Winter


By Prerna Daga

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