Agyatvas shown in Star Plus Mahabharat was incorrect, imaginary and false – Read here the real story

The whole Agyatvas – Incognito session of Mahabharat was completed in hardly 4 to 5 days in Star Plus with lot of masala and twists just like the saas bahu serial. The makers of the serial gave us lot of wrong instances which is not only logically incorrect but also imaginary and false. Here I bring my attention to 5 such prominent instances/incidents shown in the mythological drama –

1. Meeting of Kichak and Duryodhan – Shakuni is Falsified

In the new Mahabharat there is a sequence when Duryodhan and Shakuni come in the Matysa Kingdom and meet Kichak. A deal is shown here between them – Kichak will give Duryodhan, the Pandavas as well as Druapadi while Duryodhan in turn will kill both Kichak’s brother in law cum King Virat and his son Bhuminjaya commonly known as Uttar.

Agyatvas kichak bheem mahabharat 5 Things Wrongly Shown in the Agyatvas of Star Plus MahabharatBheem Killing Kichak

However, in the actual Story, the Kauravas never met Kichak. They only came to Matysa after Kichak was already killed by Bheem. Kichak, the commander in chief of the Virata Kingdom had molested Draupadi in the entire rajya sabha and once again Yudhisthir who was present in disguise couldn’t do anything.

2. The Entire Kaurava Army Attacked the Matsya Kingdom not just few

It was not just Duryodhan or Shakuni and Bhishm who had attacked northern Matysa kingdom but the entire Kaurava army including Drono, Ashwatthama, Karna and Kripacharya once Susharma of Trigarta kingdom attacked Matysa kingdom from the south. The reason of the attack was “Virata” kingdom and helping the allies not Pandavas. In addition, Karna was in the battle from the very start unlike his late entry here in the serial.

Agyatvas Bheem kicked Susharma Mahabharat 5 Things Wrongly Shown in the Agyatvas of Star Plus MahabharatBheem Kicked Susharma

Preface of the battle – After the death of the mighty Kichak, Susharma, the enemy of Virata Kingdom and an ally of Duryodhan planned to capture the weak Virata Kingdom. However, Pandavas in disguise helped the king to defeat Susharma. Meanwhile when the king was away for this battle, Kauravas the ally of Susharma attacked from the northern area.

3. Bhuminjaya aka Uttar was not a kid but a young man

Uttar was a young and foolish man who although was very weak always boasted about his limited power. He was no kid as shown in the serial. In fact, the way he fled after seeing the mighty Kauravas is a funny episode. However, nothing was shown in the serial. Instead we were shown a small kid whose arrow could not even reach the mighty Kauravas.

Uttar Arjun discovering the arms 5 Things Wrongly Shown in the Agyatvas of Star Plus MahabharatArjun and Uttar Discovering Arms

4. The Virata Battle was not on the last day of Agyatvas but post Agyatvas

The Kuravas attacked the Virata Kingdom of Matsya after the Agyatvas was over. The entire last day sequence shown in the serial was majorly from the TRP angle to create “dhakk dhakk” amongst the audiences. Besides, how come Agni Dev returns the Gandiv to Arjun when he had hidden it under a tree? Perhaps, Agni Dev is very much free for Arjun that he can find the Gandiv hidden under a tree and bring it to Arjun when he requires.

5. Pandavas did not reveal their identity before but only after winning the battle for Virata

Now, isn’t this entire mockery of agyaatvaas – incognito when people already know who Arjun is? In reality, people knew about the Pandavas only when Arjun as an eunuch won the battle for Uttar. However, here it is shown that Uttar already knows that his charioteer is none other than the mighty Arjun – what a mockery of the real Mahabharat!

Lastly, from when did the war happen after sunset? Arjun warring after sunset – Someone now please save me!

By: Deepti Verma

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