Stop giving excuses and start giving your sedentary body moves.

Approximately 30% of the world’s population is estimated to be obese or over-weight. And, withal, the other half of slender population too grouches about their love handle. Well, none of us love to bear this unwanted weight.

Constrained time is what dampens our will to act towards it and only fancy it. But, isn’t buying time worthier than buying bottoms to manage our frequently changing waist-line?

Coming right after is five simple bodyweight moves to shake off the uninvited fat from your body.

  1. Squats – the best of the bunch

Squats somewhat resemble those golden days of ours when we used to be toddlers and were on the verge to learn how to walk. But since it came naturally, we no longer remember how it is done.

How do we do squats?

Spread the feet apart, maintain as much distance as between your shoulders. Stand on your toes and descend your body down by sticking out your hips back. Keep your knees bent and align your thighs parallel to the floor.

Kettlebell Squat 5 Bodyweight Moves To Burn Body Flab

  1. Jumping Jacks, of those pre-school days


Of the lot, jumping jack is found to be the simplest and the easiest to perform. After all, we all have been into its practice before stepping out to school. It is believed to be an impactful cardiovascular exercise to vitalize your joints

Start jumping motion to push out your feet outward and pull inward. Along the same lines, lift your arms until they thump meet over-head and back again.

jumping jacks 5 Bodyweight Moves To Burn Body Flab

  1. Jumping rope or jump-roping

Jumping rope is considered as a great warm-up exercise to kick-start your exercises. All one needs is to clasp the rope under their grip and take their feet off, while spinning rope around simultaneously. But, in order to burn great deal of calories, what needs to be ensured while doing it is keeping it swift and intense.


Happy Woman with Jumping Rope 5 Bodyweight Moves To Burn Body Flab


  1. Burpees – the full-body exercise

‘Jack of all the exercises’ is the perfect axiom befitting the good burpees does to us. To put in nutshell, burpees are all in one package kind-of. Arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs are claimed to be beneficiaries of burpes. In other words, our entire body profits from burpees.

Stand like you normally stand. Kick out your legs in a backward motion the way you do while doing push-ups. Come back in the smallest of time to take the squat position. Jump up, flying both the hands over your head.

 burpee opener 5 Bodyweight Moves To Burn Body Flab

  1. Push-ups – the most heard of all

Whether or not, one knows how to do push-ups, they certainly are the most familiar to push-ups among all other bodyweight moves. Well, it is said that peeps are most prone to goof up while doing push-ups.

Weigh down your body upon palms and toes in a way that head, neck, torso and hips are collinear. Try to keep your elbows in proximity to your body. Low down and oscillate up and down in an orderly manner.

the proper pushup form 5 Bodyweight Moves To Burn Body Flab

By Prerna Daga

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