These songs reflect the emotion of millions who are elated by the victory of Narendra Modi. Here is an ode to his larger than life persona. Happy listening!

Clean chit… no clean chit; opposition… no opposition; criminal charges… no criminal charges; corrupt… non-corrupt; say what may but the fact remains unchanged and uncontested that one man has proved to the entire nation and world over that he can roar and roar real loud. Kudos, Mr. Narendra Modi and here’s how we do it… short-listing few Bollywood numbers that describes this man and his larger than life persona.

 1. Of course, when we call him ‘Gujarat ka Sher’ or as matter of fact, ‘Hindustan ka Sher’ now, then we can’t really miss out on the title track from the movie Singham.

Though Singham and Sher aren’t the same thing but how does it matter, because when both roar, tab ache achon ko apni nani yaad aa jati hai… what say?

“Mann bhanwar uthe   Tan Sihar uthe  Jab Khabar uthe Ke aave singham.”

2. Dharati dolegi yeh kadam chumake, Yahan ke hum sikandar, chahe toh karle  sabko apni jeb ke andar’ – from the movie ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar’. This particular track fits the bill; especially when Mr. Modi, has taken the entire nat ion by what we call the MODI-FIED wave.
‘Woh sikandar hi dosto kehlaata hai,

 Haari baaji ko jitana jise aata hai

Niklenge maidaan mein jis din hum jhumake


3.This track from the movie ‘Hum Kisi Se Kum Naheen’ had created a rage in the late 70’s and now for sure the anti-modi contingent will be bound to agree to this when the man himself hums the song.

Hai Agar Dushman (Dushman)

   Zamana Gum Nahin, Gum Nahin

  Koi Aaye, Koi Aaye, Koi Aaye, Koi Aaye, Koi

  Hum Kisise Kum Nahin, Kum Nahin’

4. This one isn’t really a song but a lyrical poem, if we can put it that way. This inspiring poem was penned by Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan and was used as the title piece for the movie ‘Agneepath’ where Mr. Amitabh Bachchan plays the protagonist. Especially, the second stanza that has been picked in this listing defines the attribute of the colossal brawl that was going on and how Mr. Modi has evolved a winner.

‘Tu na thakega kabhi,

Tu na thamega kabhi,

Tu na mudega kabhi,

Kar shapath! Kar shapath! Kar shapath!

Agneepath! Agneepath! Agneepath!’

5. This specific track from the movie ‘Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai’, is a plump for not just Mr. Narendra Modi, but also for a man equally responsible for this gigantic triumph and that is of course Mr. Amit Shah. Though not as verbose as the leader himself, but this man has what it needs to be the most trusted aide. Kudos, to this duo!
‘Hum dono jaisa hai kaun yahan

Rangeen kiya hai humi ne yeh sama

Humsa koyi kahan ho.’



Lastly, with all this and a lot more we can just sit back and keep our fingers crossed and hope that this wave washes away what others have littered.


By Chitranka Chowdhury


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