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Hello my pretties! It’s the time of the month again, and here we are talking about make up again (don’t you just love me ) So I was at this huge makeup store in the U.S. recently and I noticed a huge bevy of Parlor Aunties streaming in. What’s a parlor aunty you may wonder?

That’s basically a member of the homo sapien family usually female who regard every makeup store as her natural habitat. This species have a unique ability to walk into a makeup store starkly barefaced ( the stuff of nightmares) and walk out looking like it’s Catwalk time ( eh .. the usual .. at least for me <wink>  ) (is that a bracket in a bracket !! ) (BODMAS) ( have to stop this now )
eva longoria 5 Make Up Products to Spice up Your Life!
So anyways this got me thinking as to what are the things that we usually see at a makeup store but are too scared/lazy/unenlightened to try out ?? Are we living in the dark ages still ?? No fear my dear when I’m here .. here are a few advance makeup tools every girl should have:

1. Eyelash primer

So this has been the best discovery of my life .. this is basically some usually white goopy stuff which comes in a mascara pack .. use it before any usual mascara application and this really helps thicken and elongate lashes..also most of these contain some kind of conditioner to work with protection of the flash and the growth per se . It  makes any thickness of lashes really stand out and helps you bat those eyes on anyone/anything you fancy !! 

eyelash primer make up 5 Make Up Products to Spice up Your Life!

2. Eyelash curler

This is for the more adventurous ones .. this is a contraption which I have been using almost everyday and I’m hooked .. kind of scary looking but it adds a wonderful butterfly effect to your lashes .. you may even use it without the mascara if going all au naturale.

eye curler make up 5 Make Up Products to Spice up Your Life!
3. Eyelash Comb

When I first got this in my basic make-up brushes … I was bamboozled .. why would I comb my lashes ?! But this helps remove any clumping from mascara .. for neater lashes and it can be excellent for combing up the eyebrows into a perfect arch .. just try to comb up from the tear line higher towards the apex of the arch … This also helps the lucky girls who don’t need to get eyebrows done but wouldn’t mind a bit of order.

make up brush set 5 Make Up Products to Spice up Your Life!

4. Hair Chalk

Although shuddered upon by most makeup enthusiasts.. what I like about hair chalk/hair colored spray is the no strings attached relationship (the best kind there is ) when you can use it just for one night .. but just be sure to use a setting spray after and a good serum before to let it settle well.

hair chalking 5 Make Up Products to Spice up Your Life!

5. Hair straightener

Now before you just write me off as foo-foo ( make-up quack) .. why do you need a straightener ?? Even if you don’t want poker straight hair it’s a great way to get out to the frizz .. use it just after drying your hair like a comb and it’ll give you blow-out like perfection through the day.

straight hair 5 Make Up Products to Spice up Your Life!

So this is it for now … it’s time for my gel manicure now …. (omg .. my next article ?! ) .. I’m so hooked … but take care ladies and send me your comments/ ideas … Toodles my girls muah

By: Bhavna Sharma

Author’s Bio: I’m Bhavna Sharma .. studying to be a doctor and by heart make-up/skin care/beauty aficionado … So I can basically fix up that cold and make you look good the same time

Image Source: 2, 3, 4, 5, Eva

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