Sugar is a sweet and slow poison. Better refrain from it before it’s late. Here are the signs that you are gorging on sugary food too much.

Unlike cholesterol, there’s no partition as such ‘good –sugar’ or ‘bad-sugar’. On a very brutal note, no sugar is good sugar. In fact, with every passing day, advancements in science have attested it as too ‘worst’ to be tagged as ‘bad’ even.

Our general notion for sugar is that it is too heavy on calories to deform our body shape. But sugar turns out to be riskier than this common belief. Much to our dismay, sugar is potent enough to ail every part of your body. The WHO has curbed it, daily calories via sugar, down to 5 % from 10 %. Nutrition pioneers around the world in fact convicts sugar as the more dangerous murderers than the otherwise ill-famed ‘fats’.

Obviously, one can’t absolutely boycott sugar. But, to keep tabs on your daily intake is mandatory to secure a healthy life. Oblivion of medical aspects, a layman definitely can’t dig into the vulnerable reactions sugar provokes in our body. But yeah, familiarity to the symptoms related to ultra-consumption of sugar is feasible enough.

Here are the 5 red signals that would stop the hungry wiggles of your tongue towards sugar

  1. Unmanageable eruptions and beforehand wrinkles on your skin

High sugar intake causes abrupt rise in insulin, which forthwith shoots upward the acne-causing pertinent hormone. Your skin breaks out, especially if it is too wild to be governed. Moreover, glucose binds with skin proteins called collagen and elastin by the process of glycation and hinders the repairing function of these proteins. As a result, early creases mar your face.

prevent wrinkles face 5 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

  1. Inevitable mood shifts

You may be contemplating hard to figure out the causes behind your sudden mood swings. Sugar doesn’t spare us here as well. Sugar tampers with our hormonal balance and leaves us behaving eccentrically.

mood swing 5 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar


  1. Surge in cavities

Bacteria orally present find sugar as delicious as you. Sugar-rich food particles are more like feast to these bacteria. As they feed, they release acid as a by-product, which miserably culminates in cavity. Such acid synthesis ruins the entire pH balance maintained by saliva and welcomes more such putrid bacteria.

cavities 5 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Patient’s Denture


  1. Sweetening the already sweet edibles

Sugar addicts simply do not glory in the standard sweet foodstuff. Their palate tends to remain under-satisfied if not supplied with external sugar. Mild flavour of sugar doesn’t work in such-like cases.

sugar 5 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

  1. Constant urge for sweets

‘More the merrier’ holds in very true for people high on sugar. Sugar is as narcotic as drugs to our brains. Once one gets a hang of sugar, refraining away from it becomes as irresistible as from the ‘cocaine’.  It becomes a bad habit of your life.

Cravings 5 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Woman’s cravings

Does that mean ‘no’ to desserts? Certainly, no. Keep on relishing the charm of sugary foods. But, it is advisable to take note of the sugar content of every product you consume and govern your daily diet accordingly. Also, be cautious towards the format in which you get your fill. Like, raw fruits are healthier than fruit juice. Because, fibrous pulp of fruits makes it easy for our body to decompose and utilize sugar as compared to concentrated sugar in juice.

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