JNU incident has divided citizens as traitor &Patriots.Those who speak against the law of land are traitors and rest, patriots.

My concept of Bharat Mata was very vague before JNU Incident.

JNU From The Blogs   5 Takeaways From JNU Incident

We live in a country where we do not pay our taxes. (only a single digit population of this country pays taxes) or we find ways to evade taxes.

We bribe illegal travel agencies to send us to the promised foreign land. Once we reach there, we only wish our India or Bharat Mata was as good as our new country of residence.

We are willing to pay the bribe at a drop of a pin.

Our political system has sucked the country dry. We still hero-worship our politicians.

Poor have no rights.

Rich don’t care for rights.

Our jingoistic approach to patriotism shows up only during India-Pakistan Cricket matches or when Pakistan attacks India.

In short, we are on auto pilot destruction mode.

All this happens on our dear land of Bharat Mata.

JNU incident has divided citizens of the country as traitor and Patriots.

save jnu From The Blogs   5 Takeaways From JNU Incident

Those who speak against the law of land (the ruling party) dishonour Bharat Mata are bloody traitors.

The rest are Patriots.

Those who support government’s “prompt” crackdown on anti-national activists in JNU are the new patriots. While the other group, which has asked for proof of the anti-national activities in JNU is deemed as traitor.

Traitors who have no love for Bharat Mata.

Traitors who stand mute and give away meekly to the demands of anti-nationals.

Traitors who have the audacity to question our government’s actions in bringing a high volatile situation under control by pressing sedition charges against a group of protesting students in JNU.

After JNU incident here is the unofficial list of traitors and patriots in India:

  • Patriots:

    • Lawyers of Delhi for beating the shit out of JNU president and anyone who opposed them.
    • OP Sharma for thrashing a CPI leader and promising to beat more anti-national buggers.
    • Delhi police for enjoying the spectacle of anti-nationals beaten black and blue mutely and meekly.
    • ABVP for complaining to police.
    • Closet patriots. A rare group of patriots who are willing to loot country at the drop of a pin but do not shy away from flaunting their patriotism by writing strong emails, fb messages, whatsapp messages.
    • Zee News Team and media house similar to Zee News. For working with zeal, enthusiasm and energy to catch these anti-nationals red-handed. They kept playing the video till the public was forced to take sides.
  • Traitors:

    • All student organizations other than ABVP.
    • Press/media for covering JNU incident biasedly.
    • The average Mango Man for not understanding, why such heavy force was required to control JNU incident

jnu chaos 2016 From The Blogs   5 Takeaways From JNU Incident

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