Don’t want to mess up your first date? Know 5 Not-to-do things on a first date. It is simple, cheap and date friendly

Did you end up with a slap on your face on your very first date or did the girl left you in the middle of the tête-à-tête? Perfect or not, men of all ages have failed when it comes to first date. Let us have a look on the most common mistakes that can ruin your chance of becoming her potential lover

No matter how interesting you are or how badass you might be, the first date is always challenging. You may not know what your date is and a slight here and there could be your worst mistake, making her dump you like a cheesy bun after tasting bad.

So, what precisely you need to do to impress her and what exactly you need to avoid? Well, to drip the honey you better stay in the comb. Yes, you need to hamper yourself as much as you can so that you win the situation and also the ticket to the subsequent date.

1.       Don’t Show Up With Flowers

First thing first, never ever show up with flowers on your first date. It is not only wrong but can also turn out to be pathetic. It will make you look over anxious and can even increase a woman’s expectation from the very beginning which can be a very bad start. So, wait for the right moment and then only usher the lady with flowers, not before, and never on a first date.

Rose Bouquet 5 Things Not To Do On A First Date

2.       No Being a Blabber Mouth

Don’t blabber and talk nineteen to the dozen, but confine yourself with limited talks. Quality rules here over quantity. Also, make sure you do not discuss anything related to politics, religion or moral issues. If in case it pops up try brushing the topic under the mat without a big ruckus and aim to talk something more exciting and thrilling that will make her laugh, smile and enjoy your company wholeheartedly. A good time is what we all want, isn’t it?

3.       Don’t Argue or Complain

Everyone has different views on various things. Don’t sound too boisterous, voicing your opinion about anything and most significantly avoid arguing at any point. Arguing is a big turn off for a girl. So, don’t squabble either with her or any person that comes across. Be polite at the valet, with the waiters and also anybody who  stumble upon. Never bitch about anything or anybody.  Your Boss might be a cruel man, the neighbor next door might be a pain in the ass, the whole world might be an unhappy place to live in but you need not nag about it in front of the new woman. Instead, talk about all the pleasant things to make her feel comfortable and relaxed in your companionship.

Dont Argue 5 Things Not To Do On A First Date

4.       Stop Staring Her There, Concentrate on Her Face

When you are out with a woman she expects to be treated like one. So, do not day dream, doze off or ogle your eyes looking at the women across the table at her never ending legs under that little black skirt she is wearing for the date. Pay good amount of attention to the date, be a good listener and take note of what she has to say (now that doesn’t mean you have to note it down in your diary). While in conversation, if she is wearing something with a deep neckline, stop staring at her boobs and trying to judge how much more is concealed. This is definitely not the place neither the time.

5.       Don’t Order Meals that Turns Out Messy. Keep it Simple

Focus on her face and give attention to the tête-à-tête. Be considerate when you are with a girl on a very first date. If you see her glass of water half empty, call the waiter to have it filled. Also, make sure you order something known, as well as simple and not messy which can jumble up the entire dating scene.

Gawking at a girl’s breasts is a big no and giving signs of your physical need too can be a disaster. The idea is to win the ticket to the next date and eventually her hand if you want to get into a relationship with her. So, remember these things which you need to avoid, note stuff which you must  do, enjoy yourself and make your first date perfect as well as booming.

Here you go!

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Rose Bouquet via Wikimedia Commons, Guardian

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