Separatists have nowhere to hide after 58% turnout in Jammu & Kashmir assembly elections. They may offer various explanations, but something is different this time

After 58% Turnout In Jammu & Kashmir Assembly Electionsvoting JK SEPARATISTS HAVE NOWHERE TO HIDE

  1. The voter turnout in each of the 4 phases of voting for the Jammu and Kashmir elections has been consistently and unprecedentedly high. (Read more about the voter turn out in the Jammu & Kashmir Elections). Though we are constantly being cautioned against viewing the higher voter turnout as a verdict on larger issues, there are certain undeniable facts that have come to the fore in the recent J&K elections.
  2. Former separatists such as Sajjad Gani Lone are not only contesting in the elections, they are showing their willingness to talk business with mainstream political parties such as the BJP. Even if the handshake with such a non-traditional ally is only a literal one and not symbolic of a deeper political plan, it is very significant nonetheless.
  3. It is significant that there was a 30% voter turnout in Sopore. While this seems a dismal number when taken by itself, in the context of Sopore, seen as a separatist bastion this is nothing short of historical. (Source NDTV)
  4. voting JK2 SEPARATISTS HAVE NOWHERE TO HIDE Separatists have called for poll boycotts, there have been militant attacks on civilians as well as army, para military and police posts. Jammu & Kashmir is bitterly cold, currently. In spite of all these odds people have come out in very large numbers to vote. The presence of young people and women has been significant too.
  5. Voters have defied poll boycott calls by hardliner separatists such as Syed Ali Shah Geelani to far greater extent than before. Geelani however has sought to dismiss the elections and the voter turnout as not being genuine. He has pointed to the presence of the army and arrests made as reasons to dismiss what is going on the valley. (Source ET)
  6.  SEPARATISTS HAVE NOWHERE TO HIDE Geelani has also sought to dismiss the election turnout via this tweet below. People such as Geelani may continue to protest and offer explanations, but the fact is that there is something different time around.

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