With the shopping season going on in full swing and the Sales soon approaching, here are 6 tried and tested tips to save money and time to ensure retail therapy remains what it is- a therapy, and not a stress!

It is again that time of the year, the time of celebrations and holidays. Shopping during this time of the year can be very stimulating as well as exciting. However, with such little time and so much to purchase, the whole experience can become dreary and dull – consuming a lot of energy and even making a huge hole in our wallet. Nevertheless, if we follow certain basic tips to save our money and time, we can make our shopping all the more interesting. Here’s how to make your shopping a blissful experience this season:

Shop with a list

Make a list ahead of time and make sure you move out of the house with the list. When out in the shopping market or mall stick to the list. This will help you save time rather than wandering aimlessly and picking up goods that are not required at all. It will also prevent you from impulsive buys and thereby save a lot of money; as we all know we mainly run out of our budget primarily because of impulsive purchases.

Shop in bulk

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One of the major compensation of buying in bulk is that you save money behind every unit. Also, you don’t have to rush time and again for the same thing over and over. Many of the shops and stores during the season, especially the festive and holiday time, have special offers such as ‘buy two and get one free’. Make use of these deals.

Take advantage of coupons

Check your mails for discounts and coupons from your favorite brand or store you wish to purchase things from. Also, keep your eyes open and scrutinize magazines, newspapers as well as direct flyers to get the benefits of these discounts. This way you save your time by going precisely to that shop rather than looking for things from shop to shop.

Avoid rush hours

You can easily save a lot of your energy by shopping during the non-peak hours. Always avoid shopping during Saturday nights or Sundays so that you do not have to stand in huge cashier lines for long.  The disadvantage of standing in long lines is getting tempted by miscellaneous items placed at the checkout counter. This gets worse if you are accompanied by your kids. So get rid of the crowd and shop during non-peak hours rather than bumping your trolleys during the peak ones.

Avoid using credit cards

Credit Cards 6 Effective Hacks for Shopping this Holiday Season!

Always shop seriously and make sure you purchase things strictly by paying cash or debit cards. Using credit cards, especially during the festival and holiday seasons, can be very risky in the long run as you will keep on swiping, eventually paying a huge amount of interest every month. Another benefit of not using credit cards is to avoid impulsive purchases. If you are making purchases by cash or debit cards you will never buy things that will spoil your budget.

Shop Online

Betty and Veronica Online Shopping 6 Effective Hacks for Shopping this Holiday Season!

Even the most famous comic book shopaholic has embraced online shopping. Have you?

Lastly, one of the best shopping tips to save money and time is by purchasing things online. With things just at your finger tips, you can easily browse a number of items and then order the best one as per your need and requirements. This way you save a lot of time as you do not even have to venture out of your home. Also, you can view the reviews and ratings which further ease your shopping. Moreover, the shops online always have some or the other best deals to save your money.

By Deepti Verma

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