Check 6 Entertaining Facts of Ladies Compartment in Mumbai Local Train

The Mumbai Local is an amazing wonder of India, no doubt, but the most fascinating thing about Mumbai Local is its ladies compartment especially the second class. No wonder, which strata of society the ladies might belong to before entering the local train but once they are in, they all fall under one and the same category. Here are some funny facts of all the ladies compartment in the Mumbai local trains.

ladies compartment mumbai local 6 Entertaining Facts of Ladies Compartment in Mumbai Local

1. The Fourth Seat Rule – Sarka Ho!

No matter how thin or fat the 3 females are, someone will push them and occupy the 4th seat. So, you see the fourth seat is the jugaad of the ever overcrowded Local. “Arre sarko na – Shift Shift” is the common sound you hear from the fourth occupant who while trying to breathe adjusts herself  on the most prestigious seat of Mumbai. However, there is one important rule which the 4th occupant has to follow – if suppose she doesn’t wish to shift from 4th seat to third, she has to give enough bum space to the third new occupant.

Fourth Seat 6 Entertaining Facts of Ladies Compartment in Mumbai Local

 The Fourth Seat Adjustment

2. Book your seat in advance facility – Are you Andheri?

All you need to do is ask – “Are you Andheri?” Well, nobody can be Andheri or Bandra or Kurla but even the most sophisticated ends up asking that which means “Will you be getting off at Andheri?” If the lady says yes and nods at you, the seat is all yours after she tries to get up 2 stations before Andheri. And no sooner the lady gets up you can jump on her seat. Yes, if you have booked your seat and the lady has said “ok” then no one can sit there except you – yes, the ladies follow the train rules strictly.

Ladies fourth seat 6 Entertaining Facts of Ladies Compartment in Mumbai Local“Are you Andheri?” is what the girl with green bag is asking

3. The Concept of Train Friends – Meet The Pop Stars

There is a certain group of ladies who are friends. They will play antakshri in the crowded train while you still wonder how do they have so much energy left after working and travelling for more than 10 hours. The group will have friends from age ranging from 21 year to 63 year old.

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4. The Cake Cutting and Birthday Celebrations

Who said celebrations and cake cutting birthday party can happen only in a secluded and private area with a space of your own. Set your foot in any crowded Mumbai local with a gang of train friends and witness how they celebrate each other’s birthday by cutting cakes and distributing sweets to the daily known passengers. No, you won’t get it if you are stranger but you won’t be spared from passing the sweet to their accomplice sitting next to you.

women singing 6 Entertaining Facts of Ladies Compartment in Mumbai Local

5. The Evergreen Sale

From thepla, farsan to clips, hair bands, mobile covers and now even imitation jewelry, leggings, kurtas, saree along with home appliances – you will get it all in the small overcrowded local train. Moreover, if you do not want to waste much of your time and utilize the travelling time, you can actually buy a vegetable from the local, cut it as the train moves from one station to the other.

evergreen sale 6 Entertaining Facts of Ladies Compartment in Mumbai Local

6. The frequent use of cuss words in a cat fight

No matter how sophisticated the girl looks or how traditional the aunty might be, once there begins a cat fight (which is quite common and regular) all the cuss words starting from B, C, G, H, M, F with which even some men would shy echoes in the ladies compartment.

And finally, at times you can even find Bollywood stars travelling in Ladies Compartment of Mumbai Local once in a while!

imran khan ladies compartment 6 Entertaining Facts of Ladies Compartment in Mumbai Local

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Reuters, Times of India, The Hindu

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