Green tea is a must-include beverage in your diet. The wonders its does to your skin would simply amaze you.

As the modernity paved its way in today’s era, health-consciousness too had dug a nook within each of us, moulding us in a healthy lifestyle. Although the health-conscious mass mushroomed in the recent times, there are still the leftover flock for whom, being healthy is an unhealthy habit to practice.

Green Tea 6 Solid Reasons To Make You Brew Green Tea Every Day

To instil a seed of health awareness in the minds of these un-bothered fellows, I would like them to feed with the substance green tea holds within itself.

skin glam 6 Solid Reasons To Make You Brew Green Tea Every Day

Below scribbled are the 7 benefits that a green-tea sipper can reap for himself.

  1. Green tea is simply a boon for your skin. The antioxidants-laden green tea resists the formation of free-radicals on your skin, thereby, pulling you away and away from your ageing.
  2. Sunburn and tanning are some inevitable skin-rivals that beget each of us. Green tea shields one’s skin from such attacks.
  3. It also combats skin cancer by inactivating the harmful enzymes that takes the form of cancer.
  4. Ageing is assured. With ageing, ages our cells, but the polyphenols in green tea energizes the cells to manufacture DNA and impede ageing of the cells.
  5. It is very effective against skin inflammation.
  6. Catechins are present in green tea which is antibacterial in nature and help our skin bidding adieu to acnes and pimples. It also enhances the appearance of our skin.

By Prerna Daga

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