Skipping breakfast can be real detrimental for one’s health. One may not realize but it’s a slow damaging process for our body.

This age-old axiom “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” is much good to read only, not abide by. Some are fond of their late morning slumber than breakfast. Time, for some, wins out in the tiff between time and breakfast. While, some are deliberate to skip it in their pseudo-hope of slimming down.

Beware! More the continuity of it lasts, faster the downfall of your health.

It is actually beyond the boundaries of the layman’s insight that how dangerously dangerous it is to skip out on the first and the foremost meal of your day, i.e. breakfast.

This post would shed clear light upon the seven hazards associated with skipping breakfast.

  1. Increases susceptibility to Diabetes


Sweetness quotient of world is already soaring high, making room for the incurable disease like diabetes. To sound more inviting to this ‘satan’, our lifestyle has contributed more. According to the research carried out by Harvard University School of Public Health, women skipping breakfast turned out to be more vulnerable to diabetes than the ones who stuck to breakfast regime.

diabetes 7 Dangerous Side Effects Of Skipping Your Breakfast

  1. Perilous for your heart


Heart, the king of organs, actually stays hearty under the effect of king-sized breakfast. Why not let the king administer the kingdom, as small as your body, healthily? Studies say that people avoiding breakfast are 27% more prone to undergo heart attacks than the breakfast-practitioners. Clogging and hardening of arteries has been reported in individuals practicing the art of evading breakfast.

  1. Unwanted weight gain


To those ultra-health-conscious folks, let me enlighten you that missing out on breakfast would no way gift your mirror a slender reflection of yours. Rather, reverse is assured. As you skip breakfast, you reinforce your cravings for sugar and carbohydrate more. And to appease yourself under the strain of hunger pangs, you end up swallowing down more calories than breakfast could have supplied to you. Breakfast-skips unquestionably pile you on with more calories than that required by your body.

why youre still not losing weight 7 Dangerous Side Effects Of Skipping Your Breakfast

  1. Prompts the growth of cancerous cells

As illustrated above, skipping breakfast puts you at higher risk of obesity. And, obesity, as studied, is a precursor to cancer. If skipping breakfast can lead you to such unkind disease like cancer, can’t you be a tad kind to a mere plate of your breakfast?


  1. Maximized menstrual irregularities

Menstrual days indeed are no less than a nightmare for women. The sore pain menstruation inflicts women with leaves them with no choice but stay sedentarily coiled on bed. Women can’t definitely put an end to this suffering but certainly mitigate it a bit with their altered lifestyle. Not having breakfast has been verified as one of the factors causing heavy bleeding and pain. Why not try breakfast than splurging on medicines?

  1. Cognitive inefficacy

One can’t say no to breakfast if one really wants to survive in the competent world of geniuses. Whether or not, you realize it, exclusion of breakfast from one’s diet lowers down the efficiency of your performance. Research was conducted on a bunch of teens. One group was fed with wholesome breakfast, while the other group, refrained. The group which had their morning fill performed much better in a visual search taste. The other group exhibited dampened performance.


  1. Thinned and lacklustre hair

You can really boost up your hair growth by incorporating the protein potion in your breakfast meal. With every missed breakfast, you miss out a slight more on your lustrous hair. Miraculous difference in the volume and sheen of your hair is noticed after engaging oneself in protein enriched breakfast.

bad hair day lurking disasters 7 Dangerous Side Effects Of Skipping Your Breakfast

Aren’t the above explained menaces persuasive enough to make you willingly fall in love with breakfast? Once you begin with breakfast, diseases would positively start fearing you. No wealth, after all, is greater than the health.

By Prerna Daga

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