7 New Words In Our Lexicon


A non-romantic or non-sexual relationship among men. Dave Carnie, the editor of Big Brother (Skateboarding magazine), coined the term to throw light on the kind of love and understanding shared by skaters.


Extremely excited and energetic.


Feeling true or real, even if it necessarily is not.

The Colbert Report
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A loyal follower of/on Twitter.

tweets 7 New Words of Human Expressions

Of Twitter Tweety Tells :Tale !


There are other common expressions in use: Ok and whatever. Pick your favorite one. ‘The Simpsons’ brought it into common usage.

(The cartoons have always got a better way to express things than us. They care less about failing. And even if they do, they’ve an interesting way of poking at life).

Or, you can learn it from the goats.


You better know it as auto-correct errors or daydreaming. The Cupertino effect has caused some embarrassment from individuals to big publication houses.

Muffin Top

Fat rolled-up above a woman’s low-waist-tight trousers. Erin Keaney, a stand-up comic, has taken an honest and straightforward approach in her video.

Hope these 7 Modern Words Help You To Improve Understanding of Human Expressions and Unplanned Encounters With Fate

 By Rajan Dhir

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