Jodha Bai after marrying Akbar created huge problems for Rajputs. Read 7 reasons why Jodha Bai should never have married Akbar

Inter-caste and Inter-religion marriage still raise eyebrows in 21st century India. I wonder, what was the reason which compelled Raja Bharmal in the 16th century to give the hand of his elder daughter Jodha to the then Mughal Shehshah Akbar – Protection? Wealth? Security? Status? Oh it could be anything but still Jodha Bai should not have married Akbar – here’s why: 

1. Jodha Bai was just a Ransom

It was not that Akbar saw Jodha and fell for her at the very first sight as shown in Jodha Akbar serial. In fact, it was Raja Bharmal’s decision to actually use his daughter “Jodha” as a ransom against his plight. Basically, Jodha became a martyr in the whole Rajput drama just like the politicians and businessman’s daughter become in Bollywood movies.

jodha akbar 7 Reasons Why Jodha Bai Should Not Have Married Akbar

2. Akbar already had 2 wives

Marrying an already married man of another religion although sounds like an adventure has its own disadvantage. Jodha should have rather tried a rookie Rajput man than a husband of 2 wives along with a son, though not of his own. Experience is not a bliss every time – sometimes naïve, amateur and unfledged are better than the skilled.

Ruqaiya Begum Salima Begum 7 Reasons Why Jodha Bai Should Not Have Married Akbar

3. Akbar was illiterate whereas Jodha was educated

I agree Akbar was a great warrior but come on who can ignore the fact that he was an illiterate. On the other hand, Jodha being a Rajput princess was not only educated but also had immense knowledge of various combat. Besides, being a Krishna bhakt and a follower of all those religious reciting, I’m sure her knowledge of literature was also good. Still she chose to marry an illiterate King. Looks like, Jodha was no different than the selfish contemporary girl, she preferred money over education. Time changed but women, well they are still the same – Phew!

jodha akbar fb 7 Reasons Why Jodha Bai Should Not Have Married Akbar

4. Jodha was a pure – vegetarian whereas Akbar was a hardcore non – vegetarian

Have you ever seen and noticed vegetarians on national forums or Facebook pages – Ghosh, the way they accuse us non vegetarians of killing animals. Being a pure vegetarian, I only wonder how would Jodha manage with the smell and sight of Mughals indulging in a royal fest full of animal’s flesh.

Roasted chicken and potatoes 7 Reasons Why Jodha Bai Should Not Have Married Akbar

5. Jodha mothered Jahangir – a name that not only brings shame to Mughal Dynasty but also India as a whole

Jodha Begum was the only queen of Akbar who bore a child and that too a son. So, if Jodha hadn’t married Akbar perhaps their would have been no blue blood and no Jahangir, the alcoholic cum womanizer cum drug addict, who still bring us shame.

Jodha Bai Jahangir Dilip Kumar 7 Reasons Why Jodha Bai Should Not Have Married Akbar

6. Without Jahangir, Mughal Dynasty would have ended soon

Ruqaiya Begum though was Akbar’s favorite wife, throughout her life remained childless. Jahangir was the only royal blood because Akbar’s other two son – Prince Murad and Prince Daniyal was from concubine. Therefore, if there was no Jahangir there would have been no royal blood linkage and definitely no Aurangzeb, the shrewd Mughal ruler.

In that case, India would have been independent soon after the death of Akbar. The reason? Well, all the relatives would have killed each other for the throne, eventually leaving no trace of Mughal dynasty just like the Delhi Sultante or the huge Maurya Empire.

Maharana Pratap Haldighati 7 Reasons Why Jodha Bai Should Not Have Married Akbar

7. Jodha was a Political Deal which became the cause of shame and death of Rajputs

Raja Bharmal married off Jodha Bai to Akbar as a political deal. Due, to this Amer and allies submitted themselves to Mughals and became the enemies of their own brothers who were anti-Mughal. This made the two opposite groups of Rajput fight against each other like enemies. So, while Man Singh, nephew of Jodha did all the gadha-majuri, Akbar had fun with the ladies of his harem and even found ample time for bromance with Birbal and Tansen.

Jodha Akbar 7 Reasons Why Jodha Bai Should Not Have Married Akbar

Jodha Bai, Heer Kunwar or Harka Bai was neither Akbar’s first love nor his favorite queen whom he cherished or craved the most. The lady was just Akbar’s trophy of political alliance which he used as an armor only to strengthen the Mughal Empire in India. Besides, she became a baby producing tool which though sustained the Mughal Dynasty, brought immense pain to the son of the soil. If only Jodha Bai had not married the Great Mughal Emperor Akbar!

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Source: Wikimedia, Jodha Akbar FB, Zee TV website