Check out 7 wild expression of Sakshi Dhoni in 6th edition of IPL

The season of Indian Premier League has just begun. This means apart from the shots and dismisses of the cricketers we will also be witnessing thousands of fans along with owners of the teams in the stadium, and of course Sakshi Singh Dhoni urf Mrs. Captain in her candid best cheering for her husband Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Let’s check out her few wild expression from the past IPL season

Expression 1 – Sakshi Dhoni as the Kissing Gourami

Sakshi, I guess is quite fond of two things – Fish and then kisses, perhaps that is why I can see her imitating Kissing Gourami aka Kissing Fish at a Chennai stadium while watching Chennai Super Kings playing against Mumbai Indians. Or was she blowing kisses to her famous hubby in her ishtyle?

Sakshi Dhoni Kissing 7 Wild Expression of Sakshi Dhoni in IPL Spot the Difference

Expression 2 – Sakshi Imitating the Whining Baby

Just like every mother’s little baby whine time and again due to mood swings, here in stadiums of Chennai we see MSD’s baby whining time and again. Maybe Mahi knows how to keep her quiet

Sakshi copying child whining 7 Wild Expression of Sakshi Dhoni in IPL

Expression 3 – Sakshi Dhoni in a Killer Aunty Look

Well, I’m surprised but Sakshi can sometimes look like an aunty with that Mayawati and Uma Bharati looks. Ah, look at her seriousness! Oh, perhaps maybe she was missing her stadium partner Vindu Dara Singh. Or did she see Deepika Padukone somewhere in the stadium?

sakshi motti 7 Wild Expression of Sakshi Dhoni in IPL

Expression 4 – Sakshi’s Oh so Bitchy Cheer!

After watching Anjali Tendulkar, Dona Ganguly andVijeta Pendharkar if you thought Cricketer’s wife are nice, gentle, sophisticated and sober, then you should surely check out, oops I mean observe  Sakshi Sinha (Sorry Captain ji) in the stadium during IPL 7. In case, you missed her watching last year, here’s her loud cheer just like the jerry of my society.

Sakshi Dhoni Bitchy 7 Wild Expression of Sakshi Dhoni in IPL

Expression 5 -Sakshi Dhoni’s Laughter Challenge with Bharti Singh

With facial expression just like Bharti Singh along with the size and posture, I guess Sakshi Singh Dhoni can soon give Bharti Singh a tough competition with her own unique antics.

Sakshi Dhoni bharti singh 7 Wild Expression of Sakshi Dhoni in IPL

Expression 6 – Sakshi Dhoni’s Confusing State of Mind

Sakshi is so vivacious, energetic and lively that we often see her changing expression after every alternate moment. Here, we have yet another facial expression of Sakshi which is quite different. But, but, but you need to guess whether she is happy or sad. Anyways, don’t you think her expression is so much like my cutie Champu?

Sakshi Dhoni Confusing Expression 7 Wild Expression of Sakshi Dhoni in IPL

Expression 7 – Sakshi Dhoni’s reaction in Vindu Dara Singh’s Company

There were lots of gossips, rumors and not so good talks nationwide regarding Sakshi Dhoni sitting with Vindu Dara Singh in the stadium after the latter got arrested in a match fixing scam. How, could this list miss her picture sans Vindu. Check out and judge for yourself what Vindu might want to say to the most innocent Sakshi.

sakshi vindu 7 Wild Expression of Sakshi Dhoni in IPL

And finally, an entire video on her different wild expressions in the IPL 6…

Well, don’t you think that PETA should actually make Sakshi Rawat Dhoni their next brand ambassador?

By: Deepti Verma

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Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times, Indiatimes

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