Anecdotes of Hiroshima Bombings is still emotionally penetrating.

When Second World War in 1945 was on the brink of its end, the United States flung the atomic bombs on Japanese city of Hiroshima (6th Aug) and Nagasaki (9th Aug). More than 129,000 innocent deathbeds was its aftereffect.

All of us had the above data embedded in our minds, for all of ours’ childhood met this fact in GK books to get memorised and etched. But, below are some more weighty facts which you must know and share

1.       Like movies, this uranium gun-type bomb, which was dropped on Hiroshima too had its name called ‘Little Boy’, while plutonium implosion-type, which was dropped on the city of Nagasaki was known as ‘Fat man’.

atomic bombing of hiroshima nagasaki 70 Poignant Years Of Hiroshima Bombings

2.       The devastating plane (Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber) was known as Enola Gay, piloted by Paul Warfield Tibbets, a brigadier general in the United States Air Force. Another nameless aircraft later known as ‘Necessary Evil’ was used to capture the ruined and ravaged vistas of the city.

enola gay 70 Poignant Years Of Hiroshima Bombings

3.       The drop-down of bomb took place on 8:15 am as was scheduled. The ‘Little boy’, quite in contrast to its name, was loaded with 64 kg of uranium-235.It took 44.4 seconds to reach the detonation height of 580m above the city, where the aircraft hovered at the height of 9,400m.

70th anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki 3 638 70 Poignant Years Of Hiroshima Bombings

4.       The bomb was aimed at Aioi Bridge, but stimulating crosswind drifted it apart 240m detonating over Shima Surgical Clinic. The weapon was declared very inefficient as only 1.7% of its materials could split. The radius of the destruction was 1 mile.

hiroshima 70 Poignant Years Of Hiroshima Bombings

5.       Aftermath was horrendous as it devastatingly cut down 30% of the Hiroshima population and leaving behind 70,000 injured.

rubble 70 Poignant Years Of Hiroshima Bombings

By Prerna daga

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