Check out the 8 commonly used Mumbai Slang words

In Mumbai, the “Bombay Lingo” is so much in the blood and vein of the people, that most do not shy away from using these words.  Here, I bring the 8 most commonly used Mumbai Slang which are popular even among the “sophisticated”.

Mumbai Slang 8 Mumbai Slang Which Even the Sophisticated Use

1. Waat Lag Gayee

What does it mean – I’m screwed

When and Where is it used – Locally, it is quite common with children, youngsters and even the elderly class.However, even the Gentlemen, sophisticated girls never think twice when they use this term in office. For instance, the boss catches this employee with all the mess up he/she did and when his colleague ask him, “Kya hua andar?” He replies, “Waat Lag Gayee Yaar!”

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2. Hil Gaya Yaar

What does it mean – Literally it means to move but here it means to be surprised or shocked depending on the situation.

When and Where it is used – If you are happy and amazed you use “Hil Gaya Yaar.” Also, when a sudden thing happens and the person gets the shock of his life, he would say, “Hil Gaya Yaar.”

Manmohan Singh Is Shocked 8 Mumbai Slang Which Even the Sophisticated Use

3. Ghantaa

What does it mean – Well, literally it means a bell but here it indicates – “No ways!”

When and Where it is used – For instance, the boss says – You will have to work this Sunday and there the sophisticated employee in a low tone utters, “Ghantaa!”

oh hell no 8 Mumbai Slang Which Even the Sophisticated Use

4. Alibaug Ka Samjhta Hai Kya?

What does it mean – Alibaug is a place in Maharashtra and though the sentence does sound like, “Whether you think I’m from Alibaug?”, it actually means – “Do you think I’m a fool?”

When and Where it is used – In daily life whenever anybody tries to outwit the other.

salmankhangif 8 Mumbai Slang Which Even the Sophisticated Use

5. Abbe Chindi

What does it mean – Acting like a Miser

When and Where it used – Whenever anybody tries acting like a miser, he is given the sobrequiet of “Chindi”. Most commonly used in the offices for people who are trying not to give his/her pending treat.

6. Gadha Majoori

What does it mean – To work hard like a donkey i.e. slogging or working very hard mostly unnecessarily due to somebody’s pressure.

When and Where it used – Commonly you can hear when people talking on phone, “Yaar, aaj kal bohut Gadha majoori kara rahe hain office main” or when college students get a whole new assignment at the last moment they might utter in frustration – “Kya Gadha Majoori karwate hain yaar!”

Gadha Majoori 8 Mumbai Slang Which Even the Sophisticated Use

7. Maa Behen Karna

What does it mean – Somebody is cursing using the Mother and Sister cuss words.

When and Where it used – Most commonly used by the girls to indicate that somebody is using the Mother-Sister cuss words. The sentence normally goes this way, “Woh Log Maa Behen Kar Rahe Hain” or maybe “Woh Log toh Maa Behen Tak Pahuch Gaye Yaar.”

8. Paandu

What does it mean – Police Constable

When and where it used – Well, the term is now so universally accepted in and around Mumbai that Paandu now has become a synonym for Police Constable in Mumbai.

Girl 1 – Why are you so late?

Girl 2 – “Yaar Subah subah paandu mil gaya traffic mai fir se!”

 By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Times of India, DNA

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