Contrary to what a lot of vegetarians think, our meat eating has nothing to do with them. We simply love our food.

It isn’t personal – really! Our non-vegetarianism doesn’t exist to offend you or to put your nose out of joint. In fact, here’s a news flash! Our eating meat has nothing to do with you! We’re not doing it to spite you. At all.  You may say herbivore we say omnivore – there are arguments on both sides; let’s not join issue there. Please don’t get your knickers in a twist – let me tell you a little story about the food chain. OK you’ve heard that one but I’ll just try and put you in the picture a bit:

1.     We like how it tastes

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So like I said we just like how roast chicken and kebabs and biryani (and there is no such thing as veg biryani by the way – that’s pulao; but that’s rant for another day) tastes. You know how you like your ghaas-phoos vegetables? That’s how much we like our meat! Can we agree? To each his own?

2.     We like animals – Really!

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We protest against animals being used for fur, and do also raise our voices against cruel treatment meted out when testing on animals. We love our pets – in fact we don’t even relegate our furry friends to a life of dreary meatlessness!

3.     We feel a little sad for you

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The main reason why any meat-eater offers you some of their own food? Well we feel just a tad sorry for all that you’re missing out on. We just want to share.

4.     Veg Pizza Hut? Really?

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I’m told that somewhere in one corner of Gujarat exists a veg Pizza Hut. Sigh! We’re not forcing that Meat Lover’s delight down your throat (we like it too much) – must you wrest from us the enjoyment of a good chicken tikka pizza?

5.     Thali at KFC? REALLY?

 8 Reasons for Vegetarians to Lighten Up

The disdain of the tyrannical vegetarian has caused fried chicken giant KFC to come out with various veg items on the menu, including some type of thali. Oh! And they announce – “Separate cooking utensils” I think everyone really tiptoes around your sensibilities, don’t you?

6.     And yes – its ghaas-phoos only

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Now my family enjoys the occasional thali meal out as much as the most fanatical vegan. But when the family goes out to celebrate – forgive me – we really not do want to spend a lot of money on… well, ghaas-phoos. If it isn’t tikka and tangdi and raan and grilled fish and barbecued prawns, it’s not really ‘eating out’.

7.     Eggs are not non-vegetarian-Or only as much as milk

You do know that the eggs we eat are not fertilized? You can incubate them for a year and they’ll not hatch.  You do know that eggs are a byproduct of an animal’s reproductive system? The same as milk? And milk products? The same? And I may just point out that vegans (who consider themselves superior to vegetarians, by the way) have roughly the same amount of contempt for you that you guys have for us?

8.     Perhaps we’re just not evolved enough

fred flintstone o 8 Reasons for Vegetarians to Lighten Up

We do indeed hang our collective heads in shame that we are not evolved enough to have outgrown our beastly meat eating urges. At some level perhaps we are still those primitive hunter-gatherers at heart? But vegetarians everywhere! Take heart – in a few thousand years from now, we will all perhaps exist on neatly packaged, nutritionally perfect supplements of some sort. We may have evolved beyond food altogether!

By – Reena Daruwalla

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