See how a bride in India preferred a dowry of toilet over jewelry – If this is not Modi’s ‘Swacch Bharat’ – Then what is ?

If dowry or dahej to a girl is a toilet or shauchalaya then healthy is the age-old system of dowry.

Much kudos to the bride from Maharashtra who picked up toilet over customary jewellery as a wedding present, she is supposed to receive an  accolade of rupees 10 lakh by Sulabh International.

What made Chaitali Galakhe prefer sheen-less toilet over sheen jewels?

It was five days after her wedding that she learnt her in-laws house to have no toilet. This led her to father and uncle with an urge of toilet provision in the in-laws house. Why splurge on useless lavish accessories if you don’t even have this basic amenity, toilet. She indeed has ignited a new perception on dowry.

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One- of- a- kind wedding

Chaitali tied a not with Devendra Makode from a village in Maharashtra’s Yavatmal district. Her wedding was opposed to the praxises of conventional marriage. On display laid out an array of stereotyped household stuffs but one amidst them garnered all attention. That was a prefabricated toilet with a wash basin, a water closet and a mirror. A well-known sanitation expert and Sulabh mentor Bindeshwar Pathak described Chaitali a messenger of sanitation. Pathak see it as a rising influence of Modi’s ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’


Other inspiring cases

Past few years could induce Sulabh International to award six such women.

Anita Narre from Madhya Pradesh was honoured Rs. 7 lakh when she rebelled against her husband to settle down with toilet issues.

Priyanka Bhatri too got an accolade for her revolutionary fight against toilet.

All of the above mentioned inspirational models are currently working as Sulabh’s ambassadors to entice folks to have toilets built.

‘Ek dhage mangalsutra kimat tum kya jaono Ramesh Babu’! Sangita, the commendable wife from Maharashtra bade a ‘toilet’ for the thread of black and gold balls. Yes, she sold her ‘mangalsutra’ to avail herself of a toilet.

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Kuch daag acche hote hai!

Kuch dahej acche hote hai!

Aise  badhega India!


By Prerna

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