A woman is entitled to her choice of being a mother, a late-mother or be childless for life. Her freedom shouldn’t be marred under the societal needs.

Patriarchy was allowed to penetrate so deep into the veins of our society that no matter however modern hypothesis you implant upon, washing it off to the hilt is no less than a pipedream. A lot has been revolutionized and a lot is yet to be. Marriage against the woman’s mental preparedness has been a debatable issue date back and still continues to be. Likewise, the motherhood imposed upon an unwilling woman.

mothers womb A Choice To Be Childless Or A Late Mother. I Support It.

Women who delay their family planning practice or affirm to not bear any child in their lifetime are often shot down by the sarcastic gibes. What not, over- modern, extra-educated, ultra-independent, hard-headed and emotionless are the tags, a few to mention, they are tagged with.

‘Why’ behind their choice of being ‘childless’ is what the nagging society seeks from them. Only if the raised frowns could relax in the recognition of the fact that being womanly doesn’t necessarily imply being motherly. To be a mother is always a choice women can take control of. Reasons for their decision may vary from one to another.

live your life A Choice To Be Childless Or A Late Mother. I Support It.

a young woman jumping through the air, with a beautiful sunset behind her

As reckoned, a very insignificant no of such women exist, for, a lot, even if unwilling and unprepared to embrace motherhood, are forced into motherhood under the societal pressures, domestic violence and unprotected intercourse.

All things considered, to promote a woman into a mother is not something others can decide for her. The choice should be her crude decision, irrespective of the societal norms. She should be allowed to be who she wants to be and not who she ideally (in the eyes of society) should be.

By Prerna Daga

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