Provision of verification of Aadhar from any location opens up access to a number of public and private services for people.

As per a report, about ninety percent adults of our country have been provided by the Aadhar card. It is a great achievement. We have a very negative record of percolating social benefits on the ground level. There are so many holes as a result of which the benefit provided by the government has been siphoned off by the bureaucrats & middle men. We can recollect the statement of the then PM Late Rajiv Gandhi who publicly admitted that only 14 percent benefits reached to the grass root level people. Now there are some events in which loopholes have been clipped by the direct transfer of benefits to the receiver ignoring middle men.
aadhar 1 The Aadhar Card And Its Important Role

Aadhar card is playing an imminent role in it. Nitish Kumar started to transfer bicycle cost directly to the beneficiaries. Similarly wages in MANREGA scheme is being transferred directly. NDA government successfully implemented it in case of gas subsidy. Recently, Tamil Nadu government did a miracle when it transferred Rs 700 crores to about 1.4 million people who were victim of dreaded floods. It was done within a recorded time of a few days the peoples were affected. Perhaps it was the single event pertaining to its timely relief that too with full transparency.

Why not we can follow the Tamil Nadu model in other states utilizing Aadhar card? Aadhar card is a digital identification system where any duplicity is not possible. But there is a problem that Adhaar has not got support of legislation. Consequently sometimes it faces legal challenge. One bill was introduced by UPA government about 5 years earlier but the same could not went through in the Parliament as the then opposition, now on ruling chair, deemed not found it fit. Now, NDA should be serious about it & in Budget session of Parliament the bill should  get passed on priority basis to provide the Aadhar card a legislative support.

aadhar card1 The Aadhar Card And Its Important Role

Our government is providing subsidy on different account about 4 percent of GDP which is accounted for Rs 6.3 trillion. One can well imagine as to how much of it, reaches to the ground level if we believe Rajiv Gandhi (there is no reason to disbelieve him as corruption is eating our Nation). As such, the extent of subsidy reach to the beneficiaries is unquestionably doubtful . Provision of verification of Aadhar from any location opens up access to a number of public and private services for people.For Government, it gives a chance to enhance the welfare system & make it more transparent by eliminating wastage & reach to the right person.

Aadhar is a bipartisan idea having backing of both Congress & BJP. Besides, it has been endorsed by many state governments. So a lot of platforms to garner political support have been already covered. It is time for an ironclad legislation which will address legitimate concerns. BJP should take initiative to get it passed as many bills could not have been passed due to ill politics of it during NDA region. This is a bill which is directly linked with the common & poor people of India. Let us hope all the political party will provide broad based support to this bill.

By Dr.Dinesh Mishra
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