Smriti Irani was interviewed in Aaj Tak and received insulting remarks from the editor. She didn’t remain quiet and revolted against the controversy.

The fact that ‘Kyunki Smriti Kabhi Actress Thi’ simply can’t camouflage Smriti Irani‘s not-at-all-captivating educational background. Almost known to all but our ‘Tulsi’ or ‘Smriti’ broke up with education just after her 12th standard.  Her too-soon relinquishment from educational field has somehow portrayed an inept image of hers in many of our minds to see her as ‘Human Resource Development’ minister today. To many, she was also politically naïve to enter Indian politics. So what Ashok Singhal(editor aaj tak) bluntly declared must have crossed many Indian minds – But Ashok Singhal’s words were infused with sexism to which Smriti’s confident defence was quite essential.

Smriti irani protests Aaj Tak  Sabse Tej Or Sabse Controversial?

Wrongly articulated rightness

 (What did Modi see in you that he made you a minister?) are the interrogative words Ashok blurted out. Although, presently no video clip regarding Ashok’s question is out to gauge the substantiality of Smriti’s outburst against aaj tak. But as reported by Smriti, Ashok Singhal’s words were dissolved with offence, turning him out a black sheep in aaj tak. Moreover, aaj tak’s reputation too is at stake.

Smriti Lashes out at Aaj Tak

Smriti Irani is a valiant leader who doesn’t rethink to fight for justice. She is an inspiring figure to every woman who hesitates to voice against wrongs. And like always, Smriti does it again to pull down aaj tak for its immorality.

Let’s recall Rajdeep Case

 Smriti’s witty interview-tackling potential was spotlighted way back when she blew up Rajdeep Sardesai in an interview on Amethi’s food park. 

He questioned her on whether it was a political strategy by BJP to send her to Amethi the same day when Rahul spoke in paliament. To which she had an instant reply, “it is possible that he knew I was going to Amethi and chose to speak on that day.” Her presence of mind is genuinly commendable. 

Saredsai constantly triggered Smriti to put forward her views on Rahul Gandhi. Her views were simple yet catchy.”Why would I waste my time seeing Rahul Gandhi” was her prompt reply to Sardesai provoking probe. In fact she zipped his lips saying, Mr. Sardesai you are more fascinated by Rahul Gandhi than I am“.

smriti irani interview rajdeep sardesai Aaj Tak  Sabse Tej Or Sabse Controversial?

Smriti-favoured twitters flooded twitter


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