Finally Aaliya will rveal everything from her own mouth in Kumkum Bhagya!

It’s not even a day of Bulbul’s death in Kumkum Bhagya and everything has changed in the Mehra house once again. Well, Aaliya has got the Power of Attorney papers and has become the new owner of the house. Well, yes, she has shocked everybody in the house including Dadi, Pragya and her brother Abhi.

aaliya kumkum bhagya Aaliya To Self Expose Herself in Kumkum Bhagya?

Aaliya Outsmarted Abhi and Made the POA papers in her name

Abhi had taken Pragya’s signature to make a Power of Attorney document which would then give him all the powers, making him the ultimate owner of the house once again. However, Aaliya outsmarted Abhi and changed the name on the document with the help of a lawyer.

aalia mehra kumkum bhagya Aaliya To Self Expose Herself in Kumkum Bhagya?

She is now the new owner of the house, and ordering everybody just like Pragya was doing. Interestingly, she is not ready to listen to Abhi and even talks about increasing his salary. While, this is a shock to everybody in the Mehra house, Pragya and Dadi know that their plan has failed big time.

Aaliya Will now Ask Pragya to Get Out of the House In Kumkum Bhagya

Now that Aaiya is the owner of the house she will insist that Pragya gets out of the house soon. However, hearing this Daadi will fall unconscious. Abhi will then insist Aaliya to allow Pragya in the house till the time Daadi becomes fine.

kumkum bhagya aaliya Aaliya To Self Expose Herself in Kumkum Bhagya?

Whether Aaliya will listen or not is something not unknown. However, one thing is clear that here in this plot, Aaliya might self-expose herself completely.

Aaliya Might Now Reveal Everything about Her Plans to the Family

Aaliya’s plan from day 1 was to steal Abhi’s money and property. However, the plan got spoilt after Pragya transferred Abhi’s property on her name. While, Abhi thought Pragya has become greedy and selfish, the truth was that Pragya was trying to save him from his real enemies in the house including his sister Aaliya and his so-called girlfriend Tanu.

shikha singh aaliya kumkum bhagya Aaliya To Self Expose Herself in Kumkum Bhagya?

However, now that Aaliya transferred everything on her name, cheated Abhi by changing his name, and got what she wanted, we now assume and hope that the girl will now reveal everything about her plan. Even if she doesn’t, we know Abhi is not that fool to not understand what is going around him.


You Never Know If Dadi Reveal that It was Her Plan to Make Pragya a Villain

While, all this time, both Pragya and Dadi didn’t say a word, we now hope that Dadi finally reveals everything to Abhi, if not to everybody. At least, they together can find a solution. If this happens then we know Purab too would join in and confirm that whatever Pragya did was only to help Abhi from his enemies.

kumkum bhagya Aaliya To Self Expose Herself in Kumkum Bhagya?

The good thing about this new plot is that either Aaliya will self-expose herself in the entire drama, or Pragya with the help of daadi and Purab will get successful in exposing Aaliya. This should finally bring an end to the drama that has been going on and on from ages.

Moreover, we just hope Aaliya in the process, expose Tanu and her nautanki too. It has been enough already in Kumkum Bhagya. What do you think?

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