Even with speculations of dirty politics and accusations of being anarchists, the AAP shows a very real potential to sweep all the naysayers with it’s broom in the coming elections.

The entry of AAP into politics after the partial success of Anna’s anti-corruption campaign can be included in the list of most uneven swings in Indian politics. Riding on the ‘Jan Lokpal pledge’, the party was able to set its roots even after it was accused of engendering anarchy by certain politicians. Just before its establishment, donations started coming in from all over the country and also from abroad. Thousands of volunteers joined to help AAP with the intention of changing the whole political scenario for clean and good governance. The IITian and resigned IRS officer promised a lot and eventually won the confidence of Delhi-dwellers to form the Government. Such a huge success and that too on debut was really astounding and the 15-year old Sheila rule was demolished. BJP bagged the most seats just to be in the opposition and the Congress was forced to throne Kejriwal after they sank down in the New Delhi elections.

aap victory rally The Aam Aadmi Broom Can Sweep Them All

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal with other AAP leaders during a victory rally at Jantar Mantar to celebrate the success of AAP in Delhi Assembly Polls in New Delhi on Dec.11, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

A Quick Rise and Fall

An aam aadmi became the Chief Minister of the National Capital Territory and started the aam aadmi ka raj. But soon after coming into power, he got into many controversies. The huge political drama terminated with a big political prank and the resignation of Kejriwal along with the cabinet. President’s rule was imposed and AAP’s 49 day governance came to an end. Was the new party able to deliver what it had promised? Did it do justice to all those who had seen a ray of hope and caste their votes in its favor? Or, was it unfit to run the government and ran away in despair? Or else, did it suppress itself under the load of its own promises? These are some of the doubts a real common man would like to clear.

Truth Behind Resignation Politics

Kejriwal’s resignation was variously termed as a sacrifice for Jan Lokpal, a pre-planed strategy for gaining sympathy, and some went on to say that it was only to render the constitution weak. The opinions held by people are plausible though most of them can not be taken to be true at first guess. The fact that BJP held that they would favor Arwind and won’t let him give up his responsibilities a day before the presentation of the Jan Lokpal bill in Lok Sabha, and later on took a U-turn makes the situation complicated.  The event of halting the bill saw Congress and BJP together in concert- the rarest occasion. What made the BJP alter their stand and what made them let Kejriwal step down? Politics? Yes! A man with a plain knowledge of politics would understand what caused the aam aadmi turned CM to resign and why were the key political parties supportive.

Protests against AAP Law Minister The Aam Aadmi Broom Can Sweep Them All

A Congress demonstration in Andheri of Mumbai to demand resignation of Delhi Law Minister and AAP leader Somnath Bharti on Jan.24, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

AAP: Very Real Threat

Strictly speaking, Modi and Rahul have to experience a tough competition. They may not admit it but they have to accept AAP as a threat in the upcoming LS elections. The question of any party getting an edge with Kejriwal is invalid. Instead, we should ask which party is going to be hurt more- thanks to Kejriwal’s game plan; his groom can sweep them all!

Let’s analyze the repercussions of this clean and planned politics. The opinion polls suggest BJP to collect most of the votes. Followed by AAP? Congress doesn’t seem to give a tough fight to its rivals. But we can’t make generalizations based on opinion polls as they cover only a handful of population and considering that a larger proportion of population are not amongst the opinion sharers. Their votes can go anywhere. We can’t exclude the sampling errors associated with opinion polls.

If we consider the segmentation of population and also their choices, then many votes, which we would have expected (with no AAP) to go into UPA kitty, will drain into AAP’s as both the parties are socialist in essence. So, Congress certainly smells a threat here. Again, the people always favor the change and this property is naturally inherited. AAP is thus, an alternative for the people seeking changes. Who’ll intimately get the majority in the upcoming LS elections, is tough to predict but AAP can more probably be the part of it. Imagine AAP choosing between BJP and Congress to occupy the right portion for the 16th Lok Sabha proceedings!

By Aarif Qaadir Khanday

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