Delhi election shows that public is restless to see results. The memory is short but media is there to remind about the promises made. Aam Aadmi Party be ready!

I bet even Aam Aadmi Party cadres were not expecting such an outcome in the recently held elections. Its AAP all the way and the two national parties were totally decimated. This is what makes Indian democracy unpredictable.

kejriwal aap delhi victory Aam Aadmi Party, Your Time Starts Now!

When you think it’s time to settle down someone pounces on your back and you fell on the floor upside down. What went wrong only time will tell after lot of introspection between BJP leaders and workers. But one thing is clear. If there was a wave of Modi at national level there was a wave of Kejriwal at Delhi which swept all the opponents off their feet in the most brutal fashion.

All the prominent leaders received defeat with big margins. Even CM candidate of BJP Mrs. Kiran Bedi could not win her own constituency. There was a prediction of AAP forming the govt. But not with such a huge majority. Now as the election is over and AAP is set to take reins into his hands, the time has come to fulfill all those promises which it has made before. Bijli (Electricty), sadak (Road) and Pani (water) some of the three primary requirements people are expecting AAP to fulfill at the earliest.

After winning AAP gave a positive message to people of Delhi when its incumbent CM Arvind Kejriwal called PM for a meeting. In politics allegation and counter allegation must be buried with the end of elections and after that thoughts must be put on those issues which are necessary to cure people’s peril. Unlike other states Delhi is not a complete state but its various authorities have been divided into central and state government. Hence centre is of utmost importance for it to work in positive direction.

Aam Aadmi Party Sweep Delhi Election Aam Aadmi Party, Your Time Starts Now!

When last time Kejriwal became CM of Delhi he remained in activist mode and took on central government through Dharna and agitation politics without considering its after effects on state policies. But as the time changed, it made an effect over the personality and politics of Kejriwal. Changed man Kejriwal seems to be quite different this time. The more friendly Delhi is with the Centre the more perks and other benefits it can extract from the Central Leadership. Mamta has not learned this hence she is getting punished day after day. Slowly and slowly all her netas are leaving her side and joining her main opponent, BJP.

While this may not be the case for AAP since it is on the rise due to people’s faith in it, still considering the requirement of state Kejirwal will not make the same mistake as was done by Bengal CM Mamta Benerjee.

PM also responded positively and gives consent for the meeting over tea. NITI ayog recently commenced its meeting where all CMs’ joined PM except Mamta and deliberated over the course of action and scope of the committee work. Since BJP as a party is pro-business Kejriwal definitely get benefit to work with centre. For the rest of issues basis on which Kejriwal won election must be taken up as early as possible.

This election shows that the Indian public is restless and they want results. The memory is short but media is there to remind about the promises made. Good luck AAP for getting the full five years at Delhi. Your times start now.

By: Hitesh Pundir

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