Democracy in India – No ‘wave’ or personality cult can dominate our psychic for long, if the party cannot keep people’s agenda at the fore

In India the greatness of the democracy lies with the people of this vast land. For us Indians no ‘wave’ or personality cult can dominate our psychic for long and ultimately withers away if it could not keep people’s agenda at the fore. The recent gargantuan victory of Aam Aadmi Party has reiterated this fact. The silence of Modi on the various religiously intolerant activities and statements by his party members and other fringe Hindu groups has cost BJP the elections in Delhi, where only a few months back it had performed spectacularly in the Lok Sabha election. The 8 lakh suit controversy and the unending foreign tours also destroyed the image of a hardworking humble chaiwala.

arvind kejriwal wins delhi election From The Community : Triumph Of Democracy

The overwhelming support given to Kejriwal in this Delhi election is not permanent. If AAP cannot keep the people of Delhi in confidence then they may very well end up with BJP’s fate in the next assembly elections. Delhi, due to its diversity and demography, is very much like a mini India and it has been seen that whenever a strong political swing takes place in the capital, it trends throughout the country. The coming days will be very important for both BJP and Kejriwal. BJP has to refocus on development and look to reignite people’s faith in them. Kejriwal and his MLAs have to stand tall on their promises and deliver rather than dissent.

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