While leaving Delhi I thought the ‘lucky’ statement of PM Narendra Modi will be a game changer and there is no reply to it. But, what the rickshaw driver said is something you need to know…

I was in Delhi a few days back. Delhites looks excited as well as confused for upcoming election in state. They know whole country is watching them. Whether they will keep it competitive or straight! Because they have an alternate which other states do not have.

kejriwal vs modi Kam nasib Aam Aadmi vs Lucky Narendra Modi in Delhi

I spoke to locals on election. A middle aged Sardarji confessed yes there is confusion among people who should we elect. “Modi ji is doing well at centre but he or BJP hasn’t tried to solve our problems in past 8 months. If we vote AAP there could be pressure on PM to deliver in competition.” Moreover it has been more of feel good statements and other achievements rather than fulfilment of promises made by him, he added.

As a non-resident of Delhi I found survey results by news channels astonishing. More than 25 surveys have been done showing different result. By and large all presented a confused outcome that Arvind Kejriwal is ahead of all in CM candidature race but BJP is winning election. With election very close some news channels have dared to show uptrend for AAP but confusion remains. The reason of this confusion is missing talks on the main issues of Delhi. People want to talk but it is not supported by all sides. There is a clear attempt to make it person based rather than issue based.

PM Narendra Modi also made it person based. Earlier it was openly him vs Arvind Kejriwal and now there is CM face of BJP Kiran Bedi. First time he is unable to give his report card of 8 months for Delhi. He is speaking of Jan Dhan Yojana and LPG Subsidy as if it is Loksabha election. When it comes to Delhi he speaks of water from Haryana as if they would deny if BJP won’t come to power. Other issues is unauthorised colony which hasn’t given relief to people.

kiran bedi twitter Kam nasib Aam Aadmi vs Lucky Narendra Modi in Delhi

In some way PM, Amit Shah and other BJP members are also trying to state that non BJP states either won’t get support from centre or won’t progress. But no statement on key issues of capital. What has PM done to stop rapes and corruption? He cannot tell people that he had inducted a minister with rape charges in cabinet and on the corruption front transferred honest officers like AIIMS CVO and ED. “We know it, we are seeing all”, said a lady. “I promise to vote BJP and the promise is similar to PM’s promise of bringing black money in 100 days”, she added.

For hiding non-performance personal attacks are the last resort for BJP. It is evident and not difficult to understand. “I am not confused”, replied an uncle when I asked whom would you vote. He further made a few interesting statements “BJP ne poori taakat laga di hai apne Prime Minister, unke Cabinet ministers, senior BJP leaders aur RSS ki… kuch toh sahi kar raha hai Arvind jo sab rokna chahte hai usko”. BJP has deployed full strength with PM, his cabinet ministers, BJP senior leaders and RSS to stop Arvind Kejriwal, it means he is doing right. “You don’t need so much power to stop a wrong guy”, he added. I questioned his logic, how could he say that! His reply was “Jab log burayi karne lage toh samajh lo aage badh chuke ho, aur jab rokne lage toh samjah lo sahi karne ja rahe ho.”

Will Delhi think like this, a question arose in mind? I thought Sunday may give the answers after PM’s rally. Already he had called Arvind Kejriwal a naxal, what he would call him on Sunday. Amit Shah has played his so called masterstroke and disappointed many in BJP. But Narendra Modi is different. He plays masterstrokes in speeches. On Sunday, he impressed many with his oratory skills including me when he said “jab nasib wale se achcha ho raha hai toh kam-nasib wale ko kyu laaoge”. I believed nobody in opposition can counter this statement properly.

While leaving Delhi I thought this statement of PM will be a game changer and there is no reply to it. On my way to station I asked auto-rickshaw driver what is your choice now after the PM’s statement. The driver said, “Sahaab, agar achche nasib wale se petrol aur diesel sasta ho raha hai toh achcha hi hai, kam-nasib wale se bijli, paani aur corruption bhi kam ho jaaye”.

By: Chirag Goud
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