The Aam Aadmi Party’s conference was interrupted by an ink attack on Arvind Kejriwal.

A lot can be seen in the youtube video – some of the more interesting and perhaps ignored points are – Who are these “concerned individuals” who approached Anna Hazare – can they please come forward. Is it not the right of the nation to hear them in a public forum and to understand their allegations.

Nachiketa – who claims Anna Hazare as his guru apparently stalked various press conference venues for two months attempting to throw black ink at Arvind Kejriwal – this has got to be total non-sense of course. Arvind Kejriwal is probably the most accessible person around with no surrounding coterie or a cavalcade of security. I know this personally – I simply went to the Aam Aadmi office in Humayun road and managed to meet Arvind – that was it – it was as simple.  If Nachiketa had wanted to meet with Arvind (or throw ink at him) – he could have easily done it long ago – he did not need to wait for two months. And what was the need for the public spectacle.

Keeping the above in mind it is clear that  this individual knew what the press conference would be about in advance. Clearly he was a part of / or connected to the group of “concerned individuals” and co-ordinating his strategy or timing with him.

Even though Nachiketa has claimed that he did this of his own accord – it cannot be denied that he is  a member of the BJP and apparently manages a part of their social media team (He is a tweeter for them no less). Also it is likely that the telephone campaign “Anna ko dhoka” was from the BJP (the “concerned individuals” ??) – and added to that the desperation of not being able to come to power in Delhi (when it was their “turn”)

However, what is also odd, is that an individual openly attacks a senior leader and gets away scot-free in an environment where police and security is controlled by the congress. Not a single bit of investigation, arrest or questioning – none whatsoever. Could you have anyone throw ink on the “Shehzada” and not be in Tihar jail pronto ?

Yesterday , I heard the term “Bongress” – A united BJP and Congress – this suddenly starts to make a lot of sense.

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