Aamir Khan talks about death and has warned the Dangal director already!!!

Aamir Khan, the Bollywood superstar is on the verge of completing his upcoming film Dangal. However, for the first time the perfectionist actor is talking about death and is also fearing the same.

Yes, in a shocking interview in GQ India’s July 2016 edition, the recidivist risk-taker talks about what if he dies before completion of his film “Dangal”.

This is what Aamir Khan said in the interview –

amir khan dangal Oh No! Aamir Khan is Fearing Death!

“I am always scared a film won’t turn out the way we want. I stress over small things, like something in the schedule going for a toss. And I always have this worry, ‘What if I die? What if I get injured really badly when the whole film is dependent on me?’ So, typically, towards the end of a shoot, I write a note to people around me that says, ‘If I die, these are the things I want ideally to happen…’, whether it’s creative or connected to the release,” he says. “Anything can happen, life is unpredictable. So for Dangal, with these five months off between shoots, I told Nitesh, ‘If anything happens to me, everything is still on. You just have to cast a younger Mahavir and you’ll still have the film.’ Varun, Shahid — any actor would like to do it. Ranveer? Maybe Ranbir?”

Now that we all know how brave, bold, courageous and sensitive Aamir Khan is, the statement is making us scared. After all, you don’t talk about death just like that especially when you are hale and hearty.

aamir khan dangal look Oh No! Aamir Khan is Fearing Death!

Is Aamir Khan Worried about his Health – The Constant Weight Gain and Weight Loss Phenomenon?

There is a reason why Aamir Khan is called as a perfectionist. No wonder, the actor gets into the skin of his character. He doesn’t mind gaining/losing weight and that too in a time frame of few months. For Dangal, Aamir Khan gained 30 kg. However, though such experiments in the past didn’t affect his health much, this transformation did hit him badly. Last year in September, things got ugly when Aamir Khan after the weight gain started having breathing problems. He couldn’t even walk properly post the huge transformation and even faced issues while talking.

aamir khan in rakesh sharma biopic Oh No! Aamir Khan is Fearing Death!

This made the actor’s family worried. Though Aamir never feared about his health, the Dangal transformation got him scared too. After all, he is above 50 and this isn’t the age to experiment with one’s health. However, he had no second thoughts about doing the film since he was determined to essay the role of wrestling guru Mahavir Singh Phogat, a dedicated athlete from Haryana who never quite reached his potential but decided to train his four daughters and two nieces — in the art of kushti instead of selling them off into local convention.

Read the full interview here

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