Check out an Open Reply to Heartranjan on his article “Why Is Aamir Khan Such A Pretentious Prick?”

One purpose that the article best served is – It validates the opposition to AIB even much more.

aamir khan aib roast comments pretentious Why Is Aamir Khan Such A Pretentious Prick?

And it’s fucking annoying” “ fucking expected” “fucking basic thing” “doesn’t give a fuck about other artists”  “The rest can go fuck themselves.” “and fuck writers!)” “How the fuck do you know that it isn’t an adaptation” “our media has no fucking work” “HE HASN’T WATCHED THE FUCKING SHOW”  “have the fucking decency“ Okay so before you fucking ask me to fuck off , after having used ‘fucking’ incredibly well for no fucking  reason , as fucking adjectives , nouns and verbs (and fucking he knows waht more)

I fuckingly don’t understand why the fuck you can not say it fucking ‘pure and simple’? The world is too badly fucking all of us , you fucked me sir . Dont fuck my thoughts now !

Okay on a serious note now,

So , Mr.Fucking Intelligent Roaster (FIR in the rest of this article), did I offend you ? May be its quite normal for you , you barely have noticed the intentional offence . You would realise (only after keeping some ‘fuck’ out of your mind) , that’s what AIB had done to us . It used ‘fucking’ words just ‘fucking’ many times , enough to offend an ordinary citizen (not a fucking one , of course).

d k bose delhi belly Why Is Aamir Khan Such A Pretentious Prick?

Sir , fucking hypocrisy is in our bloody blood . We say Aamir has lost his fucking rights to disagree with the content of AIB ,  after having done the fucking “DK bose” , quite fuckingly narrating us this fucking story , a fuck forgot he himself fucked the article a total of 10 times . That’s quite fucking a number .

On a very serious note .

Sir , it is little about personal attacks . I do not wish to offend you or defend Aamir , with any ‘urban dictionary’ of mine.(I have an Oxford rather) . In the process of explaining us why Aamir was highly idiot and hypocrite in expressing his disagreements to the language used in AIB roast , simply exercising his fundamental rights of expression and speech , without really offending anybody , I seriously do not know what offends you so much to hold his history in one hand and geography in the other .

Wait , do you get any sense out of the above paragraph ? I guess , you do . Exactly ! You are very much mentally sound and sensible to understand my logic (even laugh at it) without me having used any profane or vulgar term , an abusive for me , your cup of tea.

AIB just had a roast, you would defend . You got a problem with it ? Of course not, it is a free country, a free entity. You are as free to speak what you want as I am to write this article .

But sir , its not about ‘you’ , or your organisation , instead your million reach and a thousand live audiences .

Sadly the debates would now turn into Freedom of Expression versus Censorship , the swords will soon be out to stab all those mouths who are said to challenge our bright freedom . Although very much certain the real question is not of taking away your rights to speak up freely , our freedom to express creatively is not under radar.Neither is Moral policing being given a support-hand, insanely marrying away lovers on Valentines is foolish attempt to disgrace human intelligence of judgement,  nor is any senseless fatwa to restrict girls from studying being regarded valid in any aspect .

The argument is as simple as this , you can entertain , earn and satire without any vulgarity . You simply cannot use not sexist, misogynist and racist jokes to make us laugh . From Deepika’s cleavages to people’s sexuality you seem to have spared none , you indeed roasted us all . No , do not get me wrong , I am not a conservative nerd to ask you to back up and move to Himalayas for VanVaas , having done AIB . Sir , surely its a personal choice to decide what you have to make or play , but you indeed have a lot of social responsibility .  

I would not mind you having a lip-lock scene with a gorgeous lady on an amazingly aesthetically hypothetical landscape (or may a SRK in sarso ka khet)  , neither do I have any objection to you flaunting off your six pack abs or tapping on your bald head , using lucrative scenes to beautify real-life situations to filmy levels which can still be loved (and that’s what we grow up seeing , so it gets even tougher to fight your own childhood) . Things like this are absolutely fine . We are fooled , taken away by unrealistic amplifications of situations , yet we ourselves love being cheated . Its stupid heart , you know .

aamir khan Why Is Aamir Khan Such A Pretentious Prick?

All is well (don’t get personal Aamir) until it does not hurt any frog of the well  , we will laugh at all of your silly jokes till you dont’ joke on somebody’s integrity , a personal attack to be specific  . Trust me, we are as stupid as you .

Commenting sexual remarks in light hearted tone is no better than commenting on them in a harsh one. They hurt those who chose to be hurt, we are all vulnerable to understanding of these indirect sexual remarks , sadly . Vulgarity has been ‘unconsciously’ stitched on our tongue. We don’t feel it neither do we heed it but it is undoubtedly present , vulgarity existed , exists and will continue to. One may not feel like it but it hurts. Being one of those who can’t bring themselves to just muster up the courage and speak or mutter whatever filth that gathers, I am astonished to see how fast and fluent a person with better guts can speak.

Yes , you are bosses of your own and I cannot play Dabang to you , you enjoy complete freedom of choosing to produce what you want.. And secondly who am I to decide what was worth making and what not . I am not a Hindu Mahasabha volunteer after all . The answer is certain , nobody decides . Your inner self does . With very high regards , sir you are our ‘Youth Icons’ , ‘Our Super Stars’ ,win us , entertain us by making fun of the human tendency to be just as hypo-critic as our stars like Aamir (in your purview) not by ‘teri maa ka’ .

What is done is done , we have forgotten you made a really vulgar mockery out of your roasters (even the HC ruling calls AIB ‘vulgar’) . A sincere request do not roast us in future , we’ll be fine with frying .Dieting for those who do not even want humor .

Warning : In serious doubt if the world gets any sense out of this article without the use of ‘fucking words’ and ‘teri maa ka’ , ‘bhen…’ , AIB could also have joked on the society , made fun of themselves in a much better way than what they did. 

By: Siddhant Goel & Akshat Tyagi

Disclaimer : We are not Aamir fans , neither are we his blood-hunters . We respect difference in opinions and encourage an answer to even this . We try to be as logical as we can and be as away from conservatism’s syndrome as much as we could , yet biases (if you feel any) are very much regretted .

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