Will AAP stay for 5 years? Will BJP start working at the centre? Will the parties wipe out corruption? Check out the chai pe charcha between two young men

One day I called up my friend Akash to my home. When he arrived, after settling down, we had a talk over the political situation in India and its ramifications. Akash asked me, ‘Hey Rajesh are you happy considering that now AAP able to form the government at Delhi decimating both BJP and congress, two national parties. Congress which was just few months back is in power at the centre and ruling comfortably from the last 10 years comes to zero.’

5 Saal Kejriwal aap Chai Pe Charcha : Over AAP, BJP, Delhi And Corruption

I thought for a moment than replied to him, ‘Well I cannot say at the moment but still I feel it is good for the democracy. Democracy needs competition in form of opposition. The more the strong opposition is, the more strongly it can censure policies, decisions of central govt. However since AAP presence is limited only at the state level it may not affect much about the functioning of Centre led by BJP.

Not satisfied by reply he enquired again, ‘But this is verdict against the Modi govt. which has not done much in the last 8 months of its rule at the centre. So obviously now they will seriously think over it and try to know the reasons behind such a harsh verdict thrown up by the public towards them.

Smilingly I replied, ‘It is not easy to say it is verdict against the central govt. per se. They have tried much to fulfill all the promised which they made before elections. let I elaborate my point. Modi after few months of his appointment as a PM made bureaucrats to follow punctuality in all secretaries. He has thrown out those who set on file and make some excuse to evade work. Modi knows time has changed so is the society. The restless youth want action not the hollow words. Modi govt. is not sitting idle from the last 8 months. They have started many schemes which ultimately benefit all age groups. Jandhan yojana, Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, some of the few schemes which pushed by this new govt. I hope it will not only generate millions of job in future but also remove poverty to some extent.

After listening patiently Akash made the final blow. ‘What about corruption? Where is the money they have promised to return which is held up in foreign bank accounts? Earlier they said, ‘UPA govt. has done nothing to recover black money. We will give it back to you within 100 days. ‘now so many days passed out but the money is still out of sight. I think the money will never come back and it will always remain an issue just like Ram mandir.’

Bribe corruption in india Chai Pe Charcha : Over AAP, BJP, Delhi And Corruption

I was expecting such a question from Akash. It is a pet question nowadays which you can easily expect from any citizen of India. Time to time whenever elections comes media, opposition highlight this issue and reminds voters to ask for their share out of black money. I replied, ‘Akash I agree with you. Corruption is the main issue nowadays. It had made life hell for the people of India. No govt. work can be done by paying bribe. I already paid many times before. Few days back I went to municipal of Ghaziabad to get marriage card. After the completion of all the formalities the head clerk asked me to pay Rs. 200 in favor of the work accomplished. My advocate who is standing near me told to do the same. Well I have no option but to pay as requested by the clerk. I pay and he handed over the certificate happily. So yes Akash it is of prime concern to all of us. Common man does not care about the corruption present at higher echelon. But he needs respite from daily humiliation meted out to him by govt. Authorities. No work can be done without passing money as bribe. The hope to create Bribeless Delhi leads AAP to generate unprecedented votes in their favor.’

Finally we both end our tea session and bid good bye to each other. The talks were ended but thoughts were still hovering in my mind. This time voters may not be dejected.

By: Hitesh Pundir

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